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The arena is a terrible place


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  • vr00z On 2018-09-10 09:02:59
  • I asked mods to disable arena battle chat but no respond, they prefer let people like this exist in arena.

    Begins for mercy,cursing others,insulted people no matter win or lose,its annoying.

I don't disagree that the Arena is frustrating & sometimes people are going to beg for a win- sometimes they really just want to get it over with, it's a sad state but unfortunately that's Arena.

What I disagree with the most is this notion that because you don't want to see it, we should just out right mute everyone, or completely abolish a chat window because of your own inability to just not read the chat. I have some nice convocations in Battle chat sometimes, especially in decisive bonds & the best is when people are willing to throw in some friendly banter or even flame when they're salty, I don't take it personally & just chuckle- learn to step back & self reflect, put yourself in their shoes.

It's got it's ups & downs, but seriously if you don't want to read it hide the window.

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  • vr00z On 2018-09-10 10:04:47
  • hide the window? how? we just can minimized the chat but we still can read it even for one line. actually i don't care about what they says coz i don't understand English very well LOL. when they start spamming message,that's make me not focus on the battle,sometimes i just kill the clone or clicked wrong ninja,then i lose the fight,and happy ending for them.

The video explains how, lol.

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  • sushie182 On 2018-09-10 22:57:54
  • Yh, I didnt do arena missions for a long time at the start bc I was confused.

    I only found out about training later.


    i have had to use the weirdest *.

    But why would ppl retreat in ranked tho.

    Everyone needs the points.

    Some whales have been kind enough to retreat for me tho.


People retreat because when you've played long enough you know what teams you can & can't face, Initiative is also a big factor- there's team you can beat if you out initiate and teams you can't, if I'm queuing and they standard first & I don't I can't win if they out initiate me, I retreat as it's faster to retreat & queue up again than sit through a fight you know is lost.

People believe the game takes skill, which is an odd concept, it's more knowledge based than anything else- the game can eventually become linear in it's execution & you can estimate a fights outcome pretty accurately when you've learnt the game & it's mechanics.

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  • vr00z On 2018-09-12 11:52:33
  • c

    I just realized this function has options to mute any chat we want. but i think this function doesn't work,i just tested,i muted private chat,but still my friend can PM me LOL

Holy, so it does, problem solved LMAO they just have to make it work- or maybe it works for battles, test it.

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  • sushie182 On 2018-09-12 14:16:20
  • i meant why retreat when you're stronger.

    retreating in ranked makes no sense unless you know you're going to lose.

    the argument in this entire thread is about retreating even when you're stronger just because your opponent asked you to.

Ah, then there is no real reason except for empathy, to be real.
I don't surrender for no one, because it takes me one hell of a long time to reach Sage of 6 paths, bloody hours but If it took me a few hours which I know it could if I had the right team & initiative I'd probably retreat every once in a while just to be nice- people do it for me all the time in Practice Arena, I always try & complete the missions & I'll get put against players who I clearly can't beat with my odd ball team & so I'll retreat, numerous times I've went up against the same players when queuing again and they've retreated instantly without even asking, for all the flame that people complain about I think people sometimes forget that there are some pretty cool people out there that are just trying to play the game as well.

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