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[ Suggestions ] Suggestion for Ninja Tools Inventory


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Hello, this suggestion will be fast and easy .. I just want to suggest that the game should consider increasing the Inventory Capacity of Ninja Tools .. Right now, my inventory is at 50/50 since i'm still keeping my Purple Stones from the Ultimate Training since Tools is not yet complete and its a waste to use this Purple Stones if the said type of Ninja Tools have more versions .. I also keep my Red Gourds and other Legendary Red Ninja Tools since the drop of Red Nature Stone is pretty awful, i barely got 1 to 2 Red Nature Stones within a month of playing while some of my Ninja Tools are kept because of the stats available for Reforging Purposes ..

If the game cannot give the pleasure of having "High Drop Rate" of Ninja Tools and Red Nature Stones, including the Purple Stones as regular drop in Team Instances then the best option of you to give to players is to increase the Inventory Capacity at least up to 80 or 100 ..

(Just sharing, my Inventory now is 50/50 as i said above, and my inbox contains 10 to 15 more Ninja Tools, Six Path Necklaces and Amber Jar - Epic Tools, and some other regular red tools for upgrading my Ninja Tool Levels which i cannot extract unless i waste one of my Tools in my inventory that has 3 to 4 Yellow Stats and Elemental Resistance reserved for Reforging Purposes)

Hope this Suggestion be heard :pray:


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good idea

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