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What are the best teams for Free Players?


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Picking a team or buying a ninja is one of the hard choices for us, F2Ps as our resources is limited only .. I advice you to choose carefully and better buy a ninja that is good for the long run .. One of the best ninjas in the game right now and i'm seeing that will be effective for long time is Konan [Angel of God], her price range is around 16k to 18k coupons but she's really great and awesome ninja .. You c*e her with simple and easy to get ninjas like Kazekage Gaara and Gakido, and you can replace them once you obtain better ninjas that can suit and support her gameplay like Kisame [Samehada Fusion Mode], Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] or Madara [Five Kage Conference] .. That 3 support ninjas is great too for long run .. We can buy any ninjas we want actually, we just need to be patience and resist temptations from spending in RNG wheels or other events/ninjas that are useless for us ..

Goodluck my fellow F2P, may you find your way to enjoy this game

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