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[ Help ] Grocery Store Sun scrolls


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Hey guys,

I was wondering if it is better to go for advance refines or charms in the grocery store? in terms of position 1 refines I only need 1.5 more, but in charms i'm like 1/3 the way to lv 9's. What would be a better use overall?

Thank you!

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charm. The end

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I've been leveling up bonds, as the scroll shops are the only place to do it. You can get charms and refines form events, and bonds give good power even if you aren't going for a mystery.

Out of the two though, charms are much harder to get if you aren't going to whale the optional packs.

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Refine for me. Charms have redeemables in events more than adv refine.

adv Refines from sage per month isn't enough for me, even if you're top 5.

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