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[ Fanfiction ] Azure Dancer #1


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Story name: Azure Dancer About: This story is a yuri one. (girl x girl which means this is one about Azure and Breeze trying to be a couple denying the normal couples. They try and try to hide their love by the cruel world.) WARNING: GIRL X GIRL.

I am gonna apologize if there's some wrong word or anything else that doesn't fits. English is not my first language so, i am sorry.

The reason i put the name is because of their ship name. (that's just my opinion on their ship name but i don't really know if their ship really has an name)

This isn't just one simple story. I'm gonna make more of it so at final of every topic about that story will be a 'TBC' which means To Be Continue.


A few years ago, there was a female that had the power of water passing on the cracking ice making noises that could be heard by the peoples near her location. But then she fall down and hurt her head, causing a headache that couldn't be stopped easily. She slowly turns her head in another way to defend her eyes of the wind that was going throw her eyes. And what happened next was a marvel.

She could feel the breeze closer and closer until a hand could have been pressing on her arm shaking slowly.

"Are you alright?"

Our sweet girl turns her head straight into the breeze. It's blurred but realising that it was a person and by the way of her skin and hand feeling she could say that is a female.

"I am fine... Thanks for asking me bu-" She have been stopped by the female that takes her hand and pulling her up on.

"My name is Breeze Dancer. How about yours?" The breeze girl shout happily.

"My name is...Azure Fang." Breeze's eyes were sparkling and feeling her heart beating as Azure could smile slowly and hug her.

"Breeze, i am so glad that you helped me getting up. It was a drag for me and... We can be friends if you want! I am from Konoha, The hidden leaf. How about you, Breeze?" Azure asked blushing insane.

"Haaaa? I am from Konoha too!!!" Breeze shout happily again and hug her.

The wind gets stronger that lift up Breeze's skirt making Azure blush with a intense crimson red. Oh but that's nothing. Breeze's red face was like she's going to explode.


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i luv it

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  • Iulia-Ioana Rad On 2018-09-03 09:54:32
  • i luv it

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did someone say " YURI " , muhahahaha.


was a nice story, is there part 2 ?

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  • Raizel Di Cadiz On 2018-09-15 20:47:37
  • did someone say " YURI " , muhahahaha.


    was a nice story, is there part 2 ?

It will be.

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