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zero gold orb club


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I know of players who got 5 free treasure tools gold orbs as freedraws within a two weeks periode at my server, and here I am still waiting for my first.

Anyone else that never received a free gold orb since this feature was released, or am i alone? :D

Ability treasure

Cave plundering

Cave keys (with an exception of the 1050 and 2100 mark)

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Never ever received a golden orb "for free". And i'm well past my 3rd red scroll.

But i vividly remember that time when i got 3 golden orbs for 1.050 keys...

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I'm a club member too . The only gold orbs I have gotten are from the ones from Cave Rebates (1050) and Wheel of Fortune rank 1.

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Same here. :( Never gotten one from Cave Plundering or Ability Treasure. I got 1 when I did the 1050 Cave Keys rebate, but that's my only one. There is a P2W in my Group that always sends me a Tell whenever he gets a gold essence. He has gotten 3 from Cave Plundering so far. :c Some people are just so lucky.

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Start collecting cave keys from events like myoboku etc. Also consistently buy 20-30 keys daily from the new store. You will have 800 or so in a month and you can buy the remaining with coupons. Then use all on cave keys rebate. That's the only way for f2p to get gold orbs at an acceptable rate otherwise all the gold orb rewards are either rebates or top 3 in heavy paid events. Of course you c*ways get lucky and get 1 for free in a draw.

PS: I am also in the no gold orb club. Just recently started ac*ulating cave keys.

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i'm the member too

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ya ive never had one.....its just recently dawned on me to save keys to be honest

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me too, only got my yellow essence from 1050 cavekey rebate

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me too not received

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