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Shisui Wheel of Fortune


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Asking how many coupons are estimated to get shisui. Accidentally wasted 1000 last week :(, need hlp.

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welcome to naruto "gambling" online , everything in this game is a gambling. like in real life , dont spend your precious resource on gambling , just dont.

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You should just pretend those 80 frag ninjas you see on these wheels aren't even on there. The odds of getting them are VERY low.

Me and my groupmate both did 300 to get the edo hiruzen frags (though I'm just under 300 atm and plan on having exactly 300 after all free pulls are included).. we didn't get the 80 shisuis and woulda been surprised if one of us did. Again.... just pretend they're not on there. And if you're doing these events JUST because you're hoping to win that lottery then you shouldn't be doing these events.

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i got shisui for 1400 cp :3

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Hey - don't try to get him ever again.

I spend 12k with my main, on thursday morning after the new event cycle came out and a friend and some other guys already spend almost 20k. (You can see it on the ranking for payback).

So i gave it a shot - 12k - nothing xD

I saved the coups to get Shisui from the lucky board but he wasn't there for a long time... now i am broke

A friend tried it on an old server she quit playing and got him with 2,8 k xD

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Wouldnt recommend spending into rng for shisui wait for him to come out on lucky board, it could potentially end up cheaper and also give you more power. Aside from that i dropped 8k ingots to finnish edo hiruzen and didnt get any hiruze frags or finnish konahamaru.

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Dropped 10k to get Shisui...didn't get him :L

Did get Konohamaru though and lots of power items. Only gained 2k power from it though sadly. But oh well. Also stole 1st place for Gold Essence :p

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so funny . want shisui but spend on RNG . should know better event to get him .

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  • Kaneki II On 2018-09-02 00:49:57
  • I spent 6k coupons and not yet got him

    Just making myself cooler saying that "Calm down,you got hiruzen's frags"

    But i need shisui even with hiruzen

    And i didn't even get 30 frags of konohamaru after all that spins

actually 30 hiruzen frags arent bad prize at all...if you could * the 20k recharge would be really decent but if your only goal was shisui you have my condolences bro

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wheel of MISFORTUNE is not worth it. It has many junk stuffs. Unless you are a heavy spenders who has many coupons/ingots or u get the first rank to get the ultimate essence by having less than 200 points, then it would be worth it.

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I spent 6k coupons and not yet got him

Just making myself cooler saying that "Calm down,you got hiruzen's frags"

But i need shisui even with hiruzen

And i didn't even get 30 frags of konohamaru after all that spins

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One guy from my server got him in a free pull, but he was the only one lucky so it isn't guaranteed

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2 from our server so far, 1 in under 50 spins, 1 in under 150 spins...both are known to get RNG jackpot ninjas in very few spins

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9.5k cps still hasnt get him..rng so *ty =)

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One guy in our server today got him at 7. He might be the lowest I've heard of so far. Lots of other people already a couple hundred spins in without getting him. So yeah, welcome to the world of RNG. based on trends it seems like lower levels / newer players have better luck getting the top reward, but again, it's all random so that might not be correct. It's worth trying a few times though, just to see you know. Maybe you'll get lucky. Otherwise at least you get a bunch of items that help grow your power. It could be worse.... like 1 ingot sales.

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I managed to get Edo Deidara on a free pull as my only pull in Lucky Stars then you have a guy above me with 5 pulls for shisui. Then on another occasion I managed to get Hokage Minato for 2.4k coupons or so.

Then you have some naruto online youtuber spend over 25k and never got an event ninja from Lucky Stars (the jackpot ninja). (can't remember who he was honestly)

So take it as you will, it's "random".

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got him on 5th try.. so yeah.. it's RNG.. high risk high reward..

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  • Mysticus33 On 2018-08-31 09:20:55
  • well has anyone got him and how many did they spend

A little warning before you get to hear someone's saying how much they got him. Don't get angry if you go past the amount of coupons since it is not guaranteed at that amount. It's better for you to save and wait until you can piece him. There were several moments this year where shisui was able to be pieced so don't miss out.

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well has anyone got him and how many did they spend

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