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5 nature chakra GUIDE


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five nature chakra

this system will come soon. that's why i made this guide to help u understand how does it work.


right now there's a bug that make u able to access this system. but i advice u to not spend any coupons here yet cuz maybe anything u get now will disapear when they release this feature later.

now it is coupon/ingots only but there will be some scrolls to draw with later.

Sans titre2

every position have 6 different chakra natures which increases the attack and resistance of that nature ( general probably increases Tai ATK/DEF )

Sans titre3

this is what u can get from drawing

blue: 5 EXP

purple: 25 EXP

gold: 50 EXP

Sans titre

when u start each nature will have a max of 10 lvls only ( u can increase it later)

NOTE: when u upgrade all natures to lvl 10 u will note get any battle power !!!! only for the first pos u start with

lvl 10

u need to max all 6 nature in order to unlock the chakra transmission. each pos will give different stats when transmit


after transmission all 6 natures will get extra 10 lvls to upgrade and it will increases battle power for each lvl

pos1: 0 ---> 10 = 0 bp transmission = 100 bp

10 ---> 20 = each nature: 110/130 bp transmission = 120 bp

20 ---> 30 = each nature: 110/130 bp transmission = 120 bp

30 --> ??

total maxing all pos1 nature to 30 will gives around 1800 bp

pos2: unlike pos1 0 --> 10 gives bp but maybe if i started with pos 2 first will not give anything then pos1 after it will give bp. i'm not sure yet

total maxing all pos2 nature to 20 will gives around 920 bp


total maxing all pos3 nature to 20 will gives around 1300 bp


total maxing all pos4 nature to 20 will gives around 850 bp

xp needed for each lvl

1 ---> 10: 130 EXP

10 ---> 20: 475 EXP

20 ---> 30: 1710 EXP

30 ---> ??

i hope this will help u a lot make sure to correct me if i'm wrong

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So it boosts damage/resistance of each element for that positions ninja, and only has effect if the ninja in that pos is of the same element? Like, Earth char pos1 only gets from earth chakra pos1 atk/res boost and the rest only come in effect if I change to another element ninja in that position?

Also what does it mean that only the 1st you start with gives power? If I upgrade pos1 ninja 1st for lightning chakra, then do it for the rest after, only when I level the pos1 will I get anything then?

Another question is with the chakra transmission, what is that "will have their own elemental attribute plus general attribute 2 transferred to bonds team"? It kinda didn't translate well to me.

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Hi! Thank you for putting the time into creating a guide, I do welcome you to post it in the "Strategy Section" under "Player Guide".

Thank you!


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