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[ Bugs ] 9 Tails Invasion reward.


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Someone already created similar post, but my intention is to have a proper respective compensation based on these following changes this Monday.
Yesterday, which was Sunday, I was in third place, and I only got 30 Sun Scrolls, where today, seeing third place getting 500 Sun Scrolls. Since I didn't got compensation for it, neither did others who respectively should have gotten in my server, I would like to have that compensation.

This, first picture, was yesterday taken, on Sunday's 9 Tails Invasion. (sadly only cropped version is left without original with date and time, but I think it needs no proof for that because it touched majority of playerbase if not everyone)


This, second picture, was taken today, Monday.

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There won't be compensation.

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It's just that for me being in top 3 was a big deal, first time...It feels like you finally got into top 3, you get all sorts of bonuses, and right when you finally get into top 3 there's something that *s it idea whenever I'll be in top 3 again. The pointless struggles just to get rewards worse than when you got coupons before. Probably next time I'll be in top 3 (who knows when that'll be), there will be something that will * up the prizes again.

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It's unlikely that anyone is going to get compensation for this bug. As it affected everyone that participated in the event, not just the top 3. It was only one day, and not that big of a deal as it's already been fixed. (Though the text is still wrong.) Best you just move on like the rest of us.

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