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Nine tails


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lol .. Sad for HK players, they fixed it after the ninetails event .. got rank2 and received 45 suns ..

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  • f2p4life On 2018-08-22 11:24:09
  • so..... no more coupons from 9 tails anymore?

    and as exchange we just get 5 extra coupons for doing convoys...... that's bad in some way for f2p that depends on get all the coupons we can

Well, if you are from Merged Server and in the Top 100 Ranked Battle Rankings .. Nine Tails Invasion Coupons Lost and the new Convoy System is much better .. We have 4 Nine Tails Invasion Events per week, assuming that you are only a regular player who places from 4th to 20th rank and that's 25 coupons rewards ..

25 x 4 = 100 (for doing 4 Nine Tails Invasion per week - This is the total Coupons lost for a regular player who normally places between 4th and 20th)

Now, for the new Convoy system, before you can only run 1 Free SS Convoy and that gives 35 coupons .. Now it gives 2 Free SS Convoys and rewards you 40 Coupons per Run .. And you can do this everyday for 7 days a week .. Let's just take the Coupons Gain from the new Convoy system which is +5 coupons from 1 SS and +40 for the additional free SS Convoy ..

45 x 7 = 315 (this is the amount of coupons added to your SS Convoys for 7 days per week)

So, therefore i conclude that 315 Coupons gain from doing SS Convoy is now much better for F2Ps than before .. ( For regular 1st placer it is 240cps lost, 2nd placer is 180 and 3rd place is 140) still 315 is much better .. And for the Non-Merged Servers who can only run 1 Free SS convoy, their Coupons gain from running SS for 7 days per week is only 35cps which is understandably very low since the regular player's lost is 100cps .. But you must also not forget, that you can get Sun Scrolls that you can yuse to buy some items that are previously purchasable for coupons only .. Just think of it as a Currency converted into a Gift Check automatically :D ..


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