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[ Help ] Level Freezing still worth it?


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  • ZWen On 2018-08-20 16:22:24
  • You get around 900~1200 sun coins for each sage. But for the sake of quick math. Let's assume you get 1k for each sage world and matsuri. That's alone would be 5k/week (3 sage 2 matsuri). Then you just need 2 RJ to reach the cap.

    So my asnwer will be yes people who already stand at the top of the food chain in their bracket. But not worth it for people who just start to freeze.

Before used to be worth to level freeze if you were able to be 1st/2nd/3rd in swb every time, now is worth to freeze only if you are sure to be 1st over 50% of the times and 2nd the other times.

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  • SSirus On 2018-08-20 13:37:57
  • Here's just a quick rundown of my situation, could be different for yours


    Sage Battlefield (4): 800 Sun Coins + 3 Adv Refines (Assuming 4th place)

    33 Adv Refine Runes

    With Ninetails/Rescue/Cat Quiz (Assuming Fixed Ninetails)

    Sage Battlefield (4): ~400 Sun Coins (1600 Coins)

    Nine Tails (4): ~250 Sun Coins (1000 Coins, Assuming 4th place or lower)

    Cat Quiz (1): ~300

    Rescue (2): ~800

    ~25 Adv Refine Runes

    This is though assuming worst case scenario, if you do better in Sage or Ninetails than expected it could net closer to 30 Adv Refines

    Edit: I forgot about the 5800 Sun limit, this limits you to exactly 25 Advanced Refine Runes (Not counting the ones you get from Matsuri) before they get transferred to strange stones.

    However, would like to add that by not freezing you also get to do Ninja Exams which gives magatamas and could reduce the difference. As well as allows you to do Ninja test which give moon coins now which could also be an incentive.

Misses matsuri that gives up to 1100 per week and miss all the moon coins you get in tis and ninja test that are free bells or advanced threads. That said i still beat every 140k powers with higher initiative than me by being 160k (i would be 140k if i did like them and overstack only 1 move by completely forgetting the other 3). Do not overvalue too much move1 initiative. Is important but up to a certain point only.

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