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[ Help ] Level Freezing still worth it?


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level up to 80, then freeze again XD

tbh i level freeze, but i still do cat quiz and i've started doing RJ too. i'm not going to bother with tail until they fix the rewards. you can still freeze if you decide to do RJ and CQ. like sure, your exp will be growing faster now, but it's still freezing if you don't sweep instance/ninja exam, collect froggies etc. it's more like a casual freeze lol. ninja exam really contributes the most to exp gain.

atm i'm hard freezing cos i don't have enough coins to strengthen my equipment when i level up huhuhuhu

i wouldn't hurry with the levelling tho, unless 63k is good enough to compete in the top sage bracket in your cluster. so like,,, i guess what i'm trying to say is that you should age with grace,,,?

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