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[ Suggestions ] Water main 5.0 Shark Bomb Chakra Drain


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> Example: Round 2 I use the 40 chakra for my pos1 Roshi and the opponent pos1 Shark Bomb wins in initiative to go first, the chakra drain still happens even though the chakra was shown as used on my chakra bar and even if roshi was unaffected by a crit and not the target of the shark bomb (therefore uninterrupted) he gets his mystery cancelled due to lack of chakra from drainage.

The issue with the skill change is due to 3 skills with an insane synergy: Shark Bomb, Neurotoxin, and Experimental Ninjutsu. (And the regular heal action lets this just continue over and over as long as you can't stop the main.) This skill set is super cancerous if you aren't running a full dodge team, or a full immune team, or a full control team to keep her locked down before the cycle begins, and you find yourself not fast enough for position 1. It allows water main to spam their mystery every round, with a high chance of chaos to anyone it hits and full chakra steal. They will just blast you down every first action, so if you had any mystery queued, you will probably lose it due to no dodge and WM's high crit. If even 1 guy gets hit, you lose all of your chakra anyways. So even if you planned on saving it to see who was left standing (maybe you had 1 character immune), you can't do anything anyways without being able to generate chakra mid round. It takes a pretty specific play style to counter this if you aren't fast enough to stop her. It's laughable that they thought this was a balanced skill set.

As for your example, Chakra drain happens if anyone on your team gets hit by it. So the fact that roshi or anyone else for that matter got hit, you lose any chakra that wasn't already spent to queue up your mystery. It doesn't matter if Roshi was the target, because it hits up to 4 people. So only 1 hit matters for the steal. The target only causes knockdown, if possible. Neurotoxin causes chaos to anyone that gets hit by a crit, so if your Roshi got hit with a crit, it will cancel out his mystery, but since he is immune, he won't be under chaos status, unless immunity was removed first. It will stop it from going off though. Since chaos works like an interrupt. I'm fairly certain that was the case for you and you may have just missed that. Or alternatively, WM mystery went before you actually had queued it up, due to lag.

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