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[ Lineup ] Need a guide for Nine Tails 5.0 and sun/moon shop guide..


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Hi there!

As for Ninetails, here is a thread full of ideas that you might find useful: I myself have some ideas thrown there and just adjust as you please, there are just guides anyway.

As for Moons/Suns consumption here is what I do:

1. Moon - During early game (first 1-3 weeks i guess) I knew I couldn't make it to full 1k key rebate (since every week we only have 40k-50k limit due to low level) so I only traded moons for basic/medium refines. It is very crucial in the beginning of the server that you keep up with the everyone else while also managing your items properly. With that being said, I rushed refines in this way:

a. 1st month refines: I made my pos2-pos4 ninjas at lvl4 during the first week of refine rebates


Pos1 ninja tools remain at lowest level - do not touch them (in the mean time, use lvl4 tools on your pos1 and leave the lvl1 for pos4)

b. 2nd month refines: I made sure to get my pos1 3 equipments from lvl1 up to lvl7 or lvl8 each

c. 3rd month refines: I made sure my pos1 get all the remaining 2 equipments from lvl1 to lvl7orlvl8

d. skip until ready for lvl10 upgrade (or you can do 100 refines for each level 7 so that you can still claim the rebate rewards. But totally up to you)


A. 1st month cave rebate: ignored the incomplete cave-keys - due to time constraint

B. 2nd month rebate: I was able to hit 1050 this time

C. 3rd month rebate: I was able to hit 2100 this time

D. 4th month rebate: I was able to hit 2100 this time

E. not yet available: I was able to get 3k atm

Note: there are alot of ways to collect keys. Before, I thought that it is not doable to hit 2k consecutively but it is actually achievable (with all the event key freebies and stuff) ***and also with the help of my incomplete fuku spending 15k coupons hehe

2. Suns - During early game I didn't touch my suns. I keep on collecting. Your target should be atleast 250 charms or 500 if you can. For refines it is advisable to go for lvl7/lvl8 to level10 for pos1 so that you can still be competitive. (tho this is debatable)

Even for Merchant, I only trade in the beginning for Summon accessories (summon cultivation) until I unlocked some useful Summon Mystery. Shiba, Pakkun.

After that I only claim advance refines there. Same with monthly rewards, I only claim either charm or refines depending on the needs per month.

What I am trying to say is, if you do not use moons/suns on ninjas and use them for cavekeys+advance refines+charms instead then you would not have any problem in the long run. Your stats will still catch up to the actual full potential of a typical strong player.

Cause ninjas, you can just collect through daily grinds in the events or coupons/fuku deals. Say you recruit nagato/naruto sage/chojuro [using moons/suns] then another good ninjas come around (sometimes free) and you have to replace them in your lineup. The resources you used to recruit those ninjas via moons/suns would go to waste. Not totally wasted tho but a little bit that way. hehe

Now why did I tell you all of this you might ask? This is because this set-up is not applicable all the time. Say I registered in another new server and it happened that during the first cave rebate I can collect 1050 keys, then I would rather do it than refines. Per month you should aim 1050 keys, much better if you can do 2100 so you c*ready use the power-ups and be competitive. At the same time you would want to rush your refines also but always prioritize cave keys :)

As always, adjust to the game. Adapt to your surroundings and have fun!

*note: I think I did open this up with my previous comment regarding my game strategy, but this one is the more accurate version. The other one seems so confusing haha

Hope this helps in anyway!

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  • Hi

LOL i just realized. You bro just upped this thread xD. I thought it is another new post haha.

Anyways I hope this can help others. Especially those who are confused on what to prioritize and what to avoid.

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