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[ Suggestions ] Get something done with Matsuri for crying out loud


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Nothing new here... just wanted to ask again like so many others for the team to do something about matching in Matsuri.

JUST had a match with a higher lvl and 40k over my power but that was expected since I had a streak going, however AFTER the loss who do I get? One of the top 5 in my space-time bracket

HOW, when he's both higher lvl by 3 and 2x my power as well, do I get him after a loss? I HIGHLY suspect he wasn't coming from a loss too, seeing he was running his madara-shisui team (120k+ power). The one that beat me before confirmed after his win he got a 11k power player

What is the logic behind the creation of the rules to this matching system and why hasn't it been revised? It was made to benefit stronger players, I understand that much, but why not just be open and admit that there are issues with it basing on levels in a game where levels mean next to nothing in terms of actual power in game (yes that's thanks to us players level freezing, but this should have been predictable to the developers of the game at the time this event was made since it was an obvious choice for players to make).

WHY can't it be based on power to determine matches? I won't mind fighting 10k above my power and I can see reason in adding 10K more on top of that range for each win in streak, ESPECIALLY after the implement of R&D making more revival chances possible, but 20K+ and beyond with no streak to speak of, or even coming from a loss, is excessive. If the matchings will take longer, then I at least can accept waiting to get a fairer match.

If there is a specific reason for matching to be the way it is then it would be appreciated if that was made clear, even if you say "It's to benefit those that are paying for this game" people can accept it once that's made official and move on instead of blaming some fault in the balance of the system every time something happens thinking it's some kind of problem and hoping the development team will change it.

I personally think this hasn't been changed because it's a feature in game you can't change, even if you yourselves really wanted to, but since there is no statement on this I will continue asking for change.

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I dont want to come and say that you guys just wasting time here cuz it will be deleted or at least edited but yeah, beside the horrible matchmaking system i think the one of the biggest problem you can ends up whit zero reward in this event i would suggest look after this.

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