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Bug hunting contest - Version 5.0


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Please report bugs by using following form:

UID: 200000085037550

ServerID: S45 - Chiyo

Character Name: Flower

Location of Bug: (where bug was met) Konoha Forest

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?) Portals to different locations disappeared

Bug Print Screen (most important):

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2018-08-20 16-06-22

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  • smaddeus On 2018-08-20 19:59:52
  • Game already warns you or warned you before, that if you move from Y+2 or regular +2 to different lower level skills like Y and Y+1, you will loose the skills for Y+2 or any that is higher from the one you switched. If you switch skills, you should only switch to the regular +2 or whichever is the maximum upgrade for that skill, or to Y+2, or any other that is maximum for that section.

    Hope it cleared up? Unless you have different bug where you should describe problem more clearly, since it seems you switched to a lower skill and now you need to get those skillbooks again. I know it is a * feature that you can't switch to any skill and you need skillbooks to get back up, I see no point in it except to punish player in pretty * ways.

i know that. but the problem that i am having it it didn't gave me my skill book back after using it. Qv said to me that when he tested skill test with +1 on it the skill book returns to him for example he had skill book +1 on mystery he used it on skill break and then use skill tree it will randomize and he got back his skill book

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UID: 200000088445183

ServerID: S423 - Boy Genius

Character Name: s423-Nemini

Location of Bug: 57500 recommended power "challenge the limit" in ultimate training

Bug Description: Text shows escape characters for newline.

Bug Print Screen (most important):


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ServerID: S1022: Kamui

Character Name: itachi

Location of Bug: ninja panel

Bug Description: there is no tactic *on

Bug Print Screen Sans titre

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ServerID: S1022 :Kamui

Character Name: not signed yet

Location of Bug: collections

Bug Description:serius bug every time u refresh the page in this server u get 500 ninja point for free and non stop

Bug Print Screen Sans titre 2

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Recharge Successful but Shinobi Feast I didnt get my 5 spins after recharge 500 ingots

UID: 300038079984979

ServerID: 972 Hidden Lotus

Character Name: Indra

Location of Bug: Shinobi Feast

Bug Description: Made the Recharge but didnt get the 5 spins in Shinobi Feast

Bug Print Screen (most important):


This is from Paypal

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ID da transação


Informações do vendedor


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ID da fatura


Detalhes da compra

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Receive This message also


Dear Player,We have sent your issue for investigation. Your missing spin(s) may or may not be reimbursed within the next 48 hours as it depends on how quickly the techs can fix the system.Rest assured, however, that you will be compensated accordingly if ever we can not fix the issue on time.We thank you for your patience and understanding.Best Regards,Naruto Online Support Team.

I put here because I didnt reeive anything and dont want anyone get the same frustration I get. (Sorry for the english)

Have a good Day

Marcio Ramin

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Yagura bug

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UID: 200000096178559

ServerID: 297

Character Name: Glocky

Location of Bug: gameplay

Bug Description: the "Unparalled" skill for fire main does not get rid of all debuffs at the beginning each round. it gets rid of his debuffs when he uses a standard or mystery.

Bug Print Screen (most important): dont have a screenshot of it not working

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UID: 300051353051489

ServerID: S766

Character Name: Max

Location of Bug: (where bug was met) Arena

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?) Hokage Minato's Basic attack it's not dodgeable anymore. I don't know if it's supposed to be like this or it's a bug!

Bug Print Screen (most important):


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UID: 200000108386222

ServerID: S585 - Gedo Statue

Character Name: Light

Location of Bug: (where bug was met) Skill Breakthrough (train interface)

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?) Sasuke's skill breakthrough for "Fire Style - Dragon Flame Jutsu +1" is the same as "Fire Style - Dragon Flame Jutsu +2"

Bug Print Screen (most important):

skill breakthrough bug

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ninaj test

UID: 200000084006270

Server ID: 776

Character Name: PervySage

Location Bug: Ninja test

Bug Description: this is one of the questions in ninja test

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UID: 200000090510421
ServerID: 163 - King Of Hell
Character Name: Satsűki
Location of Bug: Plunder Commissioner
Bug Description: I have to use ingots for plunder even if I meet the requirementsbug

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Character Name:PainD

Location of Bug: (where bug was met):equipment, my control stat does not show when i am looking to equipment

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?):visual bug, dont know what trigger it..

Bug Print Screen (most important):img1


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UID: 300043222559986

ServerID: s625: S*le Stakes

Character Name: TheDuckTruck

Bug 1:

Location of Bug: (where bug was met): In arena

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?): Lightning main killed my Gaara with his sealing slash

Bug Print Screen (most important):

Bug 2:

Location of Bug: (where bug was met): Ninetails

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?): Third place in ninetails damage ranking

Bug Print Screen (most important):

Bug 3:

Location of Bug: (where bug was met): In the Battle Armour Rebates

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?): Hovered over Tobirama

Bug Print Screen (most important):

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S866- Scroll of Flying

Character Name:


Location of Bug: (where bug was met)

Notification bar

Bug Description: (what kind of bug was it? How did you trigger it?)

When free draws are available the notification bar fails to show it. This also holds true for the icon lighting when free draws are available in Mysterious Cave. There is also another bug I want to report but find difficult to make accurate screenshots for, it's that when you have ore to collect in the mine the notification interface fails to auto run you to the mine like before version 5.0, only leaving you standing at your home interface.

Bug Print Screen (most important):



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doest allow me put Ss

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UID: 200000104830241

ServerID: S566 :Kaguya, the Ten-Tails

Character Name: PiroMonster

Location of Bug: In 'Talents'

Bug Description: Unparalleled has a textual bug, seems to do the same thing as before but it says something different right now.


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UID: 200000090477322

ServerID: s178

Character Name: elric

Location of Bug: 5 nature chakara

Bug Description: 5 natures chakara is still accessible and usable (i spent 2000 coupons in it)

Bug Print Screen (most important):


accessible by clicking the i after normal attack or normal resist.


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UID: 200000090304200

ServerID: 157

Character name: Huoying

Location of Bug: Assist link

Bug Description: I c*e Edo Deidara as Assist for Edo Deidara

Bug Print Screen:


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does anyone know when this event ends or when the winners are announced?

Bug Print Screen (most important):

Server: S775 Eternal Belief

Character name: Light


Location of Bug: (rankings ninjaScreenshot_6 collection screen is broken)

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