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[ Updates ] Version 5.0 - New System Introduction


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[Sun Scroll/Moon Scroll]


Two new currencies coming to the ninja world: Sun Scrolls / Moon Scrolls.

New Tool: Strange Stone

Players currencies for various stores will be converting to Sun and Moon Scrolls.

Daily Practice rewards and events will be updated to include these new currencies, which players can exchange in the new General Goods Store.

1. Event Reward Changes

Sun Scroll Events: Sage World Battlefields, Decisive Bonds, Fighting Matsuri Challenge, Nine-Tails Invasion, Rescue the Jinchuriki, Cat QUIZ

Moon Scroll Events: Team Instance,Strong-Approaching, Space-Time, Ranking Battle, Arena, Ninja Exam, Decisive Bonds

2. When obtained Sun Scrolls/Moon Scrolls reach the initial weekly limit (does not calculate additions increasing upper limit), the power of the Sun or Moon Scroll will be activated,increasing your lineups attributes until the end of the week.

3. When Sun and Moon Scrolls obtained through inheritance, attendance and events reaches the weekly limit, no further scrolls can be obtained for that week. (If the weeks obtained scrolls has yet to reach the weekly limit, 50% of that week’s scrolls will be passed on to the next week

4. Power of the Sun Scroll:Increases lineup Health + 150, Attack + 75, Defense + 75.

Power of the Moon Scroll:Increases lineup Defense + 50, Resistance + 50.

[Groceries Storage Room]

Sun and Moon Scrolls, and Strange Stones, can be used in the Groceries Storage Room to purchase items still in stock.

New items can be purchased in the Sun Scroll Store and Moon Scroll Store. Rainbow Magatama, Bells and clothing specific to the Groceries Storage Room can be found

The Groceries Storage Room will receive new stock everyday at 5:00. Items fully stocked will not receive extra stocks.

[Group Research/Group Duty]


This week’s Version 5.0 brings the opening of the long awaited Group Research. This new system is very helpful to group members, not only to enhance attributes, but also for more incentives to participate in events. Let’s explore Group technology!

Group Research Explanation:

1. Group R&D Unit.

2. Research can be done through the R&D Unit.

3. Through the Weekly Research Tab, The next week’s researched items can be set.

4. The following week’s research will activate at Monday at 5:00 each week, affecting the whole group.


R%D Machine, Research Points:

1. R&D Machine level cannot exceed group level。

2. The higher the R&D Machines level, the faster Research Points are created.

3. Once the R%D Machine has reached its limit, Research Points can be bought using Group Funds.

4. Research level limit will start at level 1,For each increased R&D Machine level,Research level will increase by 3.

5. Research Points will start at 1,For each gained research level,Research Points created increases by 1.

Group Research:

1. Only Group Leaders, Seniors and Scientists can spend R&D Chips on Research.。

2. Only Group Leaders, Seniors and Scientists can set the research for the following week.

3. The new weeks research takes effect at 5AM every Monday,upon which the weeks research can no longer be changed.

4. Cross-Server related research can only be obtained after Cross-Server events have opened.

5. Some research lasts 2 weeks,these cannot be changed for the entire duration.

6. Some research cannot be set at the same time as others.

[Team Ninja Exam]


Team Ninja Exam consists of Normal Team Exam and Extreme Ninja Exam

Each player has 10 Assist Points per week, if players are on different levels, an assist point will be spent to enter at the players lowest level. Decide carefully before using an Assist Point, they refresh each week.

1)Normal Team Exam

Opening Requirements: Complete Single Exam to level 120

Group Composition: Teams are limited to 3 people

Levels: There are a total of 40 levels

Participation Requirement: There are minimum Power Level requirements

Regarding Sweep: Levels can be swept after completion to obtain rewards

2)Extreme Team Exam

Opening Requirements: Complete Normal Team Ninja Exam level 20

Group Composition: Groups are limited to 2 people

Levels: There are a total of 20 levels

Participation Requirement: There are minimum Power Level requirements

Regarding Sweep: Extreme Team Exam cannot be swept

[Ninja Collection]


New "Ninja Collection" *on in the ‘Ninja’ menu, unlocking at level 29.

The collection is divided into different scrolls, allowing for the easy checking and redeeming of ninja.

Currently 4 scrolls: Mission to the Land of Waves, Konoha Crush, Akatsuki Approaches, Pains Invasion

Ninja collection can provide attribute bonuses,and exchanges for ninja can be made.

New exchange function

The original trial store has been transferred to Ninja Collection, and the points obtained during survival trial can now be used to redeem ninja fragments in Ninja collection.

Naruto Online Managment Team

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Can you swap that yellow text to something darker? Yellow on White is a bad color combination.

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Lol is Oasis really going to call moon coins moon scrolls???

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woooooooooo >:0

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  • allahu6346 On 2018-08-15 21:55:23
  • Lol is Oasis really going to call moon coins moon scrolls???

It is official and approved translation of this specific item.

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Looking good, more grind!
I can't wait! :P

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13#, we want the full ninja scroll not just 4, change that ASAP

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We know we promised Skill changes today but we are still finishing few things so it is delayed till tomorrow. During or after maintenance we plan to post all ninja and main character changes.

Sorry about that.

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When 5.0 come out?

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Daiske Sir, will the new 600 ingots monthly card be live tomorrow with version 5.0?

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so we will get 5.0 tmr?

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  • GAME FREECSS On 2018-08-15 22:17:25
  • Daiske Sir, will the new 600 ingots monthly card be live tomorrow with version 5.0?


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