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[ Events ] About the Slot Machine's event


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While i can appreciate that the DEVs are changing the top prizes (even if i liked the 30x susanoo sasuke's frags much more... i don't think i have enough frags of him for his skillbreak yet, after 5 starring him), the main reason none likes this event is due to the lower tiers rewards.

3rd prize - There should be 50 charm frags, so that this reward could have similar value to the other goods inside the pack (around 600 coupons).

4th prize - Summoning scroll should be lowered by one tier. I would put here a Lucky Key pack (10 keys + random reward, sold in shop for 100 coupons).

5th prize - Instead of the refine runes, we should have the very same refine pack we could get from Lucky Dice. The number of materials are the same. I would increase the amount of mood scrolls to 2x and have the summoning scrolls moved here. You could also fit here 2x Myoboku Grasps and 4x Myoboku Gifts.

6th prize - Remove coins and shape shifting cards, in favor of 2x purification runes and 1x purification protection rune.

This way, spenders / cashers could start seeing this event as one worth to spend / recharge for, instead of a bad event that is simply here and whatever.

Any idea on the matter?

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Agree. Agree 10000000000%

The prizes that SHOULD be removed and replaced with relevant rewards for today's standards (such as bells, Oils, myo scrolls, etc) are the following:

Coins - Why is this even here? Coins should never be apart of any recharge / ingot only event. Period.

Shape Shifting Card - This as well. Why is this here? We get these free every day. Not a single person who spends is in need of this.

Bond Scroll - Same reason as the above two. Anyone spending never needs these....ever.

Basic/Med. Refine - While some may make a case for Med. Runes, almost ALL older players do not need these. These two prizes are literally the worst as they just sit and collect dust.

Also, while we are here, knowing the win % rate for the top prizes would be....ya know....nice considering its on the law books and all. Just sayin'......

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Honestly speaking they should simply remove the 6th tier of rewards and update the 5th and 4th tier by replacing the 3 refinements with 1 optional pack, like the one in lucky board and konoha outlet, and the summoning scrolls should be replaced by ability scrolls.

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