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[ Events ] 【Sasuke’s Birthday】


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This was morning after attacks on ninjas. It was Sasuke's birthday. Konoha ninjas planed suprise party for him. Ino bought flowers, Shikamaru ballons, Hinta costumes, Choji food( He ate half of it btw), Sakura helped buying presents and Naruto invited ninjas to party.

Everything was ready after 8 PM. Sasuke came home after mission. He was sleepy and didn't saw ninjas hiding in his house. Naruto told everyone what to do in situation like this. When Sasuke closed him eyes he heard MADARAAAAAA and then Sasuke jumped of his bed. Everyone (Exept Sasuke) was laughing. After this party was going nice. Everyone exept Sakura gave him a present, food was very tasty ( All was eaten before middle of party) and costumes looked nice with all decorations. Party ended at 2 AM, and then Sakura told him to close his eyes and go with her. When they came to her house and Sasuke opened his eyes he got "qv reaction :D". Sakura was wearing se*y bunny clothes. When Sasuke came closer she killed him. Naruto heard Sasukes shout and came there but it was too late. Sakura got lynched in same night. End. Jk

When Sasuke woke up he heard MADRAAA and jumped off the bed. Party was exacly as in his sleep. The only diff was that Sakura didn't kill him (Guess what she did instead( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). Party was very good, all ninjas were having fun and everyone was happy.

Happy birthday Sasuke!

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