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[ Player Guide ] God guo's player tips series, order


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Some little tips of this game.

This is the second essay about tips, and this essay is mainly about the order of this game. And all my tips just come from my experience in Chinese version, so if there is something wrong in this essay please just tell me.


Order is a very important thing in this game, cause the mystery skills or some attack can cause knockdown, low float or something like that so can create a combo line to increase damage and add control debuff in this, like immobile, acupuncture and chaos. Some mystery even provide these control themselves, like Uchiha shisui. Some can create control just by attack, like kurenai. Saying all of these I just want to show you that order is very important in this game, in Chinese version some just call this game initiative online, cause initiative decide the order who moves further, and the orders somehow decide who can win the battle.

Just show you the theory.

When the battle start, the first to work is the passive who works when the battle begin. Like the shield of gaara, the barrier of shisui, the buff of first hokage. And this order does not depens on every ninja’s initiative, but on the two player’s highest initiative, and the lower initiative moves further, for as a passive barrier who opens it later who can enjoy the buff of the barrier. So if A’s highest initiative is higher then B, then B start to use all his passive skills, and the order of these skills of B is kind of a mass but its really not important so I just do not test it. After B use all his skills, A start to use his first passive skills. So it is impossible for you to see that A’s shisui open a barrier, then B’s gaara provide a shield, and then A’s samui provide a shield. These passive skills works when the battle begin cannot be mixed, but one use all his skills and the other start to use, and the order depends on their highest initiative.

But this only works on when we all have no barrier ninjas. When A and B all have barrier ninjas, then the order of move depends on the initiative of barrier ninjas, like shisui, tanzo, darui, fifth kazekage gaara and so on, cause for other passive of shield or buff, order is not something serious. But it’s the most important thing for barrier ninjas of the order who open the barrier the latest. So even A’s highest initiative is higher than B but if A’s barrier ninja’s initiative is lower than B’s, then A start to use his passive skills first, then B start to use his passive skills.

Then after this the round start. Now let’s pay attention to mystery skills. Mystery skills are divided into two types, prompt or not. Prompt mystery is something very difficult to identify its order, cause you c*e it any time you want before the round ends, so as a theory it can happen in any time in the round if you want. So now we hypothesis that all the prompt skills is used when the battle start, so now the order is A and B’s skill of 1st set, whose initiative higher who moves further, then the other’s 1st set skills, then the 2nd set two ninjas also compete their initiative, the higher moves first, the lower moves second. The same process works on 3rd set and 4th set, this order compete just does not influenced by their place in line up, just depends on their order to move and their initiative.

After this all ninjas start to attack, and the mystery skills who is not prompt just works as replace the attack in this round. So who attack first is also like the same process to decide who use prompt skills first, just compete initiative once more to decide attack order. But remember, if you click the *on of a not prompt mystery after the ninja’s attack, cause the not prompt skill have to replace an attack to works, but the attack in this round has already happened, so the mystery you click this round will replace the attack of this ninja in the next round, and obey the order of the ninja’s attack in next round. This is a mistake but more like a little skill, if you looked my ninja exam series you will find that this skill is frequently used on Fu Yamanaka, this skill c*low you to use chakra in this round to make a mystery skill works next round which do not occupy any chakra of next round.

And also some of summon act at the same time when their master attack, the puppets. Now all the puppet ninjas, sasori (Akatsuki), elder chiyo(all the two types of her), kankuro(all types) all summon a puppet at the battle start, and these puppet just moves at the same time when their master moves, only one ninja do not obey this rule, sasori(100 puppet’s performance), his puppets is just like a summon clone of wind main. And as the summon clone some summon also act with their masters, like the normal Naruto, while the sage mode naruto’s clone just move himself. So if the summon act with their master, then its obey the order of attack.

Then if they move themselves, then they become the last order line of a battle round. After all ninjas action these summons start to move, these moves just obey their initiative and place. The initiative decides whose moves further, the place these summons set decide the order or these summons. Like the passive skills works when the battle start, the summons’ move order also cannot be mixed, must be someone’s summons all moves over then the initiative lower one start to move. And after all the summons’ moving, this round ends.

It’s too late and I’m kind of tired, I hope you can understand what I’ve told you about all the orders in the game. To support this essay I’ll write another essay about an example of decisive bonds battle to put all these theories in the battle. Hope this can help you.

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  • Ninja_4G On 2018-07-31 23:30:24
  • Nice guides. Since those are for beginners, I would like to add, that Kurenai in itself does not have any control. One needs to skillbreak the chase or the attack (for the real beginners: always break the chase first. Then the shield. Then the attack).

    A deeper explanation about control effects and their placement (carried over effect, if immobilize / acupuncture is put on the Ninja after/before he had his move).

you can buy some book to breakthrough her skills, that way her attack and chase attack all can cause chaos, just need you to save the fragments of her.

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  • AnraiHamaya On 2018-08-01 02:31:25
  • The part with barriers is incorrect. If both sides have barrier ninjas, the barrier of the team with higher total initiative will stay up.


    first team has 40k total initiative and 5k initiative on Shisui, second team has 30k total initiative and 13k on Shisui (stacked position equipment), first team's barrier will stay in the field.

really? then sorry about this, I did not test this.. I just think this as my own experience, cause sometimes in the decisive bonds my power 140000, my enemy 170000, but the barrier is mine not him, so I think this is for my high initiative on my barrier ninja, sorry about this.

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  • Tapi77 On 2018-07-31 23:50:54
  • The guide is a good one. But you should use some highlighters so the text won't be boring to read and will be better delimited.

I'll try to do this better and better, thanks

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