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【Sasuke’s Birthday】


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'A Birthday To Be Forgotten' by Me

Konoha was a peaceful village, well as peaceful as a village could be in times of war and suffering. Everyone knew a threat was looming, that someone or something was going to disturb the peace and bring forth another wave of panic. Ninjas were on edge, ready to spring into action at any second, the villagers who had no way to protect themselves from the reoccurring threats that seemed to plague their life went about their daily tasks, hoping, believing in the ninjas of their village to extinguish any problems which come their way. One group in particular which always seemed to be caught in trouble was off on a special mission to gather rare ingredients.

"Naruto, be careful" Kakashi said nonchalantly as Naruto somehow managed to narrowly miss falling into the fifth trap of the day.

"Who the hell keeps setting traps here!" exclaimed Naruto.

"For the last time Naruto, these ingredients for the cake are extremely rare and as such, are protected by the locals" Sakura said annoyed by Naruto's usual antics.

Team 7, excluding Sasuke who was intentionally not informed had gone out to collect ingredients for a birthday cake for Sasuke, much to the annoyance of Naruto who wanted a 'real mission'. While usually an easy task, the ingredients are not only as rare as diamonds but are also protected by various traps to stop ordinary people from taking them. Luckily Team 7 isn't an ordinary group of people, and they successfully acquired the ingredients they needed for the cake. A couple of hours work by Sakura, and Sakura alone resulted in what she called, 'The World's Best Cake'.

Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto as well as Guy and Lee, who refused to be left out of the celebration, made their way to Sasuke's house, cake in hand.

"Happy Birthday Sasuke!" the group shouted as they barged in to surprise Sasuke.

They were met with stone cold silence.

Sasuke had gone on another quest for power, unaware of his own special day.

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