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[ Fanfiction ] ADLDICLPNO 20, Season 2 Finale - I Am Naruto (Reprise)


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So... hey again.

I was gonna copy and paste the entirity of Episode 20 onto here, onto this forum.

But, ya know... uh...

Episode 20 is about eighty pages worth of material. It's our longest episode yet, and it's chock full of stup1dity.

So, uh... can you just check the Google Doc instead so I don't have to copy eighty pages worth of breaking images and bad memes onto the forum?



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Will our Dosu be fine after that again

Awesome episode! Udon is OP, please nerf that gamebreaking Snot Style.

Legendary Aoba of the Door!!! :o Hyped for next season!!!!

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Shall i kick up another Dosu tribute to kick-start Dosu's brain? Also, am I one of those five?

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Uh... woop woop?

Still waiting for that romance arc though. When are you guys going to kickstart that?

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