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【2nd Anniversary】 Helping Crimson


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UID: 300067033788174

Server ID: S866 Scroll of Flying

Character Name: Shiro


The anbu ninja silently entered Midnight’s room through the open window.

“M, you have a new task. The details are in this scroll. Good luck.”

Midnight didn’t really want to work part time for the anbu but he needed the cash, his girlfriend isn’t cheap to keep happy. With the Bonfire party coming up she kept hinting that he should get her a certain dress to go with.

“That dress is so expensive, but I’ll be able to buy it soon.”

Midnight looked over the scroll.

Mission: Find Crimson a Date for the Bonfire Party

Client: Carmine Fist

Payment upon success

Aniki is so hopeless.... He can’t bring himself to ask a girl out even though he’s normally so outgoing. Help me find him a date for the party, his description follows below.


“Of all the missions so far, this has got to be the hardest.....” Midnight sighed.

“I’m gonna need some backup.”

Midnight picks up his phone.

“B I’ve got a tough one, I’ll split the pay 50/50 if you help me get Crimson a date for the Bonfire party.”

That Crimson? Make it 60.”


“Any info on him and what he likes?”

“I’ve got it here. I’ll send you the files.”

“Kay, I’ll get somebody that fits but you have to do the rest.”

I don’t even know how much this job pays though. But I have no clue where to start with finding a girl that could date a guy like him, it’s better to have Breeze do that part.

2 days later- Konoha city

“I found somebody, it’s her.” Breeze said as she points to Azure.

“Azure? She fits with the Intel by her looks, but.... I hear she’s a * by nature.”

“Trust me she’s perfect, now go convince her.”

“By the way couldn’t you just go to the party with him?”

“No way, I’m already going with Scarlet.”

“Oh, well that just means I can’t mess this up.”

Midnight walks over to Azure.

“Hey Azure, got a date for the Bonfire party?”

“Hmm, are you asking me out? What about your girlfriend?”

“It’s not for me. I’ve got a friend I thought you might be interested in.”

“And he would be?”

“Crimson Fist.”

That Crimson Fist?”

“Yeah, I think a girl like you could help cure his shyness problem. You’ll have fun doing it too....probably.”

“Well, I guess it might be fun having a muscleman under my water whip, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that could handle me.”

“That’s what you’ll fix. No other type of woman would put up with him always running away, but with you it’s different. The more he tries to run the more fun you get correcting him and he’ll learn it’s better to be real with you instead of just running and getting beat around.”

“Fixing a mans problems with women by beating it out of him..... sounds FUN! I’m in.”

The days that followed depicting Crimson’s path to discovering his masochistic nature and falling for Azure shall be left to your imagination.

Konoha Bonfire Party night

“Hey guys how’s it going with you?” Midnight asked as he saw Crimson and Azure.

“Great. Right Crimson?” Azure replied.

“Yes master.”

Azure was in a radiant dress that flowed like rippling waves as she moved. Crimson was wearing collar attached to a chain that Azure held.

“Is it alright to put a chain on him?” Midnight’s girlfriend asked, with her dazzling (expensive) dress stealing the eyes of all that pass them by.

“Sure it is! He likes this kind of thing.”

“I’m a perv and Azure helped me learn to admit it. I always used to imagine things then run away embarrassed I made pervy faces. Through masters guidance I’ve come to discover my true nature and accept myself.” Crimson reveals.

And with Crimson’s new outlook on life they went on to have fun at the party.

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