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【Sasuke’s Birthday】Sasuke's birthday


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“Sasuke, it seems that today is your birthday.” Orochimau said.

“So you’re gonna wish me a happy birthday?”

“Of course, the ripening of your body is a joyous occasion and I suppose I should thank you for being such an...mhm excellent vessel-to-be. You can have this.”

“What’s this? A bottle of water?”

“Not just mere water boy, it’s a rejuvenating formula based on my own flesh. There’s a limit to how much I’ll want you to.... mature, that body won’t be just yours after all and I can’t have it start to rot.”

“All you do at night is dream of is my body huh..... I’ll take it but don’t expect me to use it. I don’t trust anything about you.”

“You seem to have misunderstood something, I won’t.....” “I’m going now if that’s all.” Sasuke said as he wandered off.

“Sasuke!” Karin called out, “I heard it’s your birthday so I got you this.”

She hands him some pellet like objects.

“Those are specially made secret Uzumaki medical pellets. They can be considered as miraculous in curing most kinds of poison.”

“Ah, thanks.... You can have this.” He said as he handed her the bottle Orochimaru gifted him.

“What is this, water? Thanks I‘m thirsty!” Karin said as she began gulping it down.

“Here have one of these too.” Sasuke said handing her a medical pellet.


“That was made from Orochimaru’s body, I was going to tell you to use it on the prisoners as poison but......”

Karin hurriedly eats the pellet.

“You should have said something like that sooner!”

“Yeah. Now that you’re fine I’ll be going.”

“Wait. Let’s get something to eat, my treat since it’s your birthday.”


And so Sasuke’s 15th birthday ends with Karin taking Sasuke to a bar to try getting him drunk and seducing him, but that failure is another story.

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