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【2nd Anniversary】 Who are you all going with?


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Summer has come and the time for the famous Konoha Bonfire Music Festival draws near. This year the mains aren’t participating as their band in the festival, so they finally have a chance to enjoy the event off the stage.

“We get to just kick back and dance the night away this time! Not having practice sessions all week before the festival is so nice.” Azure gleefully chimed.

“Yeah, I can’t believe the awesomeness of my guitar solo won’t be a thing to talk about this time.” Scarlet joked.

“So who are you all going with?” Crimson asked.

“I still haven't asked her, but I’ve got my eye on a hot single mom from the Inuzuka clan.” Scarlet replied.

“You mean Tsume!?!?! You’re gonna ask Kiba’s mom? Man, I have more muscle but you have more guts.” Crimson yelped in shock.

“You’ve earned my respect.... and my sincere fear for your future.” Said Midnight awestruck.

“No guys it’s not Tsume! Kiba’s mom is off limits!!” Scarlet retorted, “You all don’t know her since she isn’t famous like that.”

“Oh, since Scarlet likes to play with fire I just thought it would be something explosive from how you said it.” Crimson said while scratching his head in embarrassment.

“Making a move on an older woman with a child is pretty explosive already, but that’s just like him Crimson! Scarlet has a charm that makes the Onee-sans come flocking and he embraces his inner wild side!” Midnight emphatically declared, “It’s inspiring!”

“For Midnight to get so excited... If you admire Scarlet being so bold why not open up more yourself? You’re always so uptight! I wanna see your wild side sometime.” Breeze said with a wink.

Midnight gets down on a knee, grasps Breeze’s left hand and kisses it.

“Breeze, go out with me!”


“Why not?”

“I said show me your wild side, not propose to me!”

“But if you want his wild side then doesn’t that mean you actually want to go out with him?” Azure asked mischievously.

“I think the Midnight lit by a full moon is beautiful, but a girl needs some of that Midnight darkness to send shivers down her spine.”Breeze said matter-of-factly.

“Haha, so Breeze like it to go bump in the night? How mature. Mid”Knight” by day and beast mode by night, kinda reminds me of Jekyll & Hyde. I like your taste Ojou-sama.” Azure crooned with a grin like the Cheshire Cat.

Midnight pulls her left hand with his right and pushes Breeze down as he suddenly stands, twisting her while catching her in his arm, their faces so close they could feel each others breaths.

“Give me a chance and I’ll show you what I’m made of.”

“Well looks like it’s decided! Breeze was left breathless just now, that almost sounds like a joke!” Azure giggled mirthfully.

“I call checkmate on that one too.” Scarlet added in.

“So Azure, who are you gonna ask out?” Scarlet inquired.

“I haven’t decided yet.” She answered.

“Hey Azzy, if you want you can go with me.” Crimson offered.

“Thanks, but..... you’re too pure, kinda reminds me of Guy-sensei, no offense.” Azure said as she turned him down, “Maybe I’ll ask Yugao... after Hayate died she looks like she needs somebody to mend her heart and I wouldn’t mind taking care of her. Or Genma, that guy seems interesting.”

“No offense taken. Uhm, but Yugao is a woman and you’re also interested in Genma?” Crimson said perplexed.

“What’s wrong with that? I’ll take both of them if they let me, I like what I like.” Azure boldly stated.

“And they say I’m the one that plays with fire.... I’ll be rooting for you Azzy! ” Scarlet said amazed.

“So what are you gonna do now Crimson?” Breeze asked.

“I’ll ask Shizune out. I can’t understand why a woman like her is still single, but that gives me a chance!”

“Maybe she’s single because she’s always working so hard. Good luck to you though, the Bonfire Festival is famous for romance!” Midnight said.

“Great that you all know who to ask.... but nobody actually got a yes except for me and Midnight.” Breeze pointed out.

With that the rest of the mains set off to invite their pretended dates to the Bonfire Festival.

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