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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series,139


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Ninja test 139:

Light main:

Ninja need: kimimaru, Naruto (sage mode), danzo

Line up:






Summon mystery: xiba

Round 1: do not use any mystery this round enemy hinata should be chaos by our danzo’s passive of his barrier. If this chaos failed please F5 and try again.

Round 2: Naruto mystery to enemy sasuke, light main mystery to enemy sakura.

Round 3: kimimaru mystery to enemy ino, after our naruto’s passive of increase 20 chakra, danzo give his mystery to the ninja whose about to die by our judgement.

Round 4: Naruto mystery to enemy sasuke, enemy sakura, ino should be about to die, and we’ll kill them next round.

Round 5: kimimaru mystery enemy sakura, and must kill her this round, or her mystery is very dangerous for us.

Round 6: Naruto mystery enemy sasuke, if he’s still alive then light main also mystery kill him

Round 7: click auto.

By the way, sometimes you follow my strategy very well, but after 10 rounds you still not kill the hinata, that means your power is not enough, work hard to achieve higher power and try again~~

Wind main:

Ninja need: Naruto (sage mode), danzo, hanzo

Line up:


Talent :




Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1: Naruto attack Karin, create a combo with wind main and hanzo. The best situation is we control her successfully. Hanzo mystery.

Round 2; Naruto mystery enemy sasuke and immobile him by hanzo in combo. After that wind main mystery enemy sakura and immobile her with danzo in combo. If some one is about to die then our danzo mystery him to save him. If none is in danger, then do not use mystery.

Round 3:ignore enemy hinata’s mystery, wind main continue mystery on enemy sakura, after this and the combo from this sakura is about to die or already dead. Then danzo mystery someone to save him and also with his passive from the barrier he can irrupt enemy ino’s mystery.

Round 4: Naruto enemy sasuke and irrupt his mystery with danzo in combo. Hanzo use his mystery. This round enemy sakura should be dead, and other enemy should be about to die or already dead.

Round 5: auto. Other should be killed by attack, but hinata is very difficult to kill. But without sakura, Karin and ino to heal her, we can kill her with the prison and our mystery.

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