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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series, 138


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Ninja test 138:

Light main:

Ninja need: kimimaru, sasuke, danzo

Line up:






Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1:after attack of enemy itachi and danzo when torune aburame’s mystery icon appears, sasuke mystery to open his barrier immediately. The summon lion opposite our danzo cannot be killed by him.

Round 2: after enemy danzo’s attack, be sure that kimimaru not dead. Enemy itachi use his mystery and our danzo use his mystery on our kimimaru at once. In this case kimimaru is killed by itachi’s attack but survive from danzo’s mystery. Our danzo attack to kill the summon lion opposite him to increase chakra, from his passive light main use mystery on enemy fu, cause immobile.

Round 3: kimimaru use mystery to enemy danzo, cause immobile, this round enemy sai will mystery on us, ignore this

Round 4: sasuke mystery to open his barrier when fu summon his puppet our light main immediately mystery him, cause immobile. If our damage is enough, our enemy will die one this round, itachi or danzo.

Round 5: kimimaru mystery to kill other enemies. Click auto

Wind main:

Ninja need: Naruto (sage mode), danzo, gaara

Line up:


Talent :




Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1: wind main’s passive must blind danzo, torune aburame’s mystery icon appear then gaara mystery to open his barrier.

Round 2: after itachi’s mystery, Naruto mystery to enemy danzo, must control him successful. If failed please try again. Our danzo mystery to gaara, wind main mystery to refresh.

Round 3: after itachi’s mystery, Naruto mystery enemy sai, sai should be dead of this. Make a judge of our gaara’s life to decide if we need to use danzo’s mystery to save him this round.

Round 4: gaara use his mystery if he can.

Round 5: gather all mystery to enemy danzo, kill him then gather damage to fu.

Attention: if your gaara’s skill is not changed, I mean his chase attack cannot create immobile, then change wind main’s attack to chase repuse to knockdown, and then chase danzo’s chase attack to create immobile.

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