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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series, 135


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Ninja test 135:

Light main:

Ninja need: guy, konan, danzo

Line up:






Summon mystery: xiba

Round 1: enemy Karin will mystery, our light main use mystery, our danzo will make enemy choza akimichi by his barrier’s passive, the akimichi best attack on guy or Karin. Our light main or konan must create a combo, kill guy before he can move. If possible kill Karin in this round. If konan is not dead this round, if we kill Karin is not such important.

Round 2: after tsunade’s heal guy mystery to choji. Attention, after choji’s attack we use our mystery of guy, this way enemy tsunade won’t use her mystery. Or enemy tsunade will use her mystery to kill our guy.

Round 3: konan use her mystery to tsunade, danzo mystery to our ninja who is about to die to save him. Then easy to beat this.

Wind main:

Ninja need: Naruto (sage mode), gaara (fifthh kazekage), shikamaru (make-out paradise)

Line up:


Talent :




Summon mystery: pakkun

Attention: this exam is not friendly to wind main, if you still want to pass with a wind main, then you better have enough power.

Round 1: wind main’s passive make enemy guy blind, choji, choza akimichi. Choji do not make a combo by his attack, naruto’s summon clone cannot be killed by enemy hanzo.

Round 2: choji do not make combl, our shikamaru must be alive, or try again. Naruto mystery to enemy guy, shikamaru use his mystery to increase chakra, gaara mystery to tsunade, wind main mystery to refresh. This round enemy guy and Karin should be dead.

Round 3: gather all mystery to one enemy, kill him and then the other

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i want to say light main are the best for exams always because his bloodthirsty demon is very danger

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  • Raizel Di Cadiz On 2018-07-26 21:41:02
  • i want to say light main are the best for exams always because his bloodthirsty demon is very danger

yes, but sometimes wind main's paassive of blind and her summon clones are very useful, cause the damage and initiative of ninja exam enemies is not normal, they're just the way how they're designed, so when the enemies' damage is such abnormal high then wind main's control is really useful then

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