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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series, 134


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Ninja test 134:

Light main:

Ninja need: Naruto (sage mode), iruka, fu vamanaka

Line up:






Summon mystery: xiba

Here we have to pay attention to the order that we place the ninjas. After we put them in the correct area, move Naruto, then fu, the last iruka, or we can just put Naruto first, fu next, iruka last. This is to make iruka’s passive can give the shield to fu’s puppet

Round 1: enemy mei Terumi passive damage fu’s puppet, and chaos herself. Her attack best attack on chojuro, best not on clone. Light main use his mystery, with the combo started by Naruto make chojuro seriously damaged. Here our iruka should not be killed by chojuro, or means our power is not enough.

Round 2: iruka mystery to irrupt enemy chojuro, fu use mystery to mei Terumi, this round chojuro should be dead.

Round 3: Naruto mystery to the enemy whose life is the least. The best situation is that after this round only a mei Terumi is left.

Round 4: gather all the mystery to mei Terumi, then you can pass yourself.

Wind main:

Ninja need: Naruto (sage mode), pain-ningendo, shikamaru

Line up:


Talent :




Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1: shikamaru use his mystery to immobile mei Terumi, if failed then F5 to try again. Enemy ao mystery to our shikamaru.

Round 2: Naruto mystery chojuro and immobile him by combo, ningendo mystery to mei Terumi and cause chaos. Our wind main mystery to refresh, shikamaru mystery mei Terumi to immobile. These must be all successful, or F5 to try again. If the summon clone of wind main is successful to cause low float, we can immobile ao and chojuro together.

Round 3: Naruto mystery enemy water main to immobile, (if we did not immobile chojuro is also ok last round). This round naruto’s summon clone will cause combo and immobile chojuro. Ningendo mystery mei Terumi to chaos. If wind main’s summon clone is lucky enough we c*so immobile enemy ao.

Round 4: mei Terumi in chaos attack chojuro, and chojuro and enemy water main should be died this round.

Round 5: mei Terumi use her mystery, Naruto mystery to enemy ao and kill him.

Round 6: nothing to do, but mei Terumi should be about to die or dead this round. Then easy to pass.

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