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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series, 131


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Ninja test 131:

Light main:

Ninja need: guy, danzo, sasori (akatsuki)

Line up:






Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1: attack the top female ninja with combo. Sasori’s puppet cannot be killed before sasori’s attack.

Round 2: light main mystery to orochimaru, with danzo’s chase attack in combo line make him immobile. Others just attack. After this round the enemy female ninja should be die or about to die.

Round 3: guy mystery to the middle male ninja who is between orochimaru and jigokudo, light main kill the top female ninja with attack, after this round orochimaru should be die or about to die.

Round 4: just pay attention to control enemy jigokudo, the middle male ninja is very difficult to kill, but we have the damage of prison and ignition, just control jigokudo to irrupt his mystery. Then its easy to pass.

Wind main:

Ninja need: Naruto (sage mode), gaara (fifth kazekage) hanzo

Line up:


Talent :




Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1:hanzo use his mystery, Naruto attack to bring a combo to the top female ninja. Enemy will mystery to our wind main and our wind main just can easily afford this.

Round 2: Naruto mystery jigokudo, hanzo’s chase attack in this combo line can make him immobile and ignition. Our wind main will be damaged by enemy orochimaru’s mystery, here we require that our wind main cannot die for this. After these our wind main mystery to refresh, hanzo use his mystery.

Round 3: Naruto mystery to the middle male ninja, hanzo’s chase attack will make him immobile and ignition, enemy jigokudo should be dead for this by the way. After this just gather all our mystery to one enemy, kill him and then another. The middle male ninja is difficult to kill, but we can kill him by the damage of prison and ignition.

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