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[Sasuke's birthday]


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Sasuke thinking to himself about Itachi


Naruto: happy birthday Sasuke

Sasuke: is today my birthday

Kakashi: you are too busy thinking about Itachi now let's go and party.

( they go to a restaurant. Naruto and kakashi suddenly disappeared)

Sasuke: Naruto, kakashi where are you

( Itachi enters)

Itachi: i am going to kill you.

Sasuke: dieee!

(Sasuke caught in genjutsu)

Sasuke: i can't lose now

( Sasuke suddenly sees his mother and father beside Itachi.)

Sasuke: genjutsu cannot fool me.

( but it was real)

Sasuke: i had to trap you in a genjutsu because we got a very long term mission and we don't want to worry you. sorry Sasuke. i was enforced my mom and dad.

( all the konoha ninjas come and shout)


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