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[ Events ] 【Sasuke’s Birthday】Mission: Surprise Sasuke


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Sasuke's Birthday

Sarada: Mom what should we get for Dad?

Sakura: Hmm..... last time i got him expensive suit, but he never wore it

Sarada: (You really think he is the type who will wear suits , really is mom this dumb) Well no worries this time i am with you and i am sure he will like the gift we get for him. So what are you waiting for lets get ready and head out.

Meanwhile in hokage office......

Naruto: Shikamaru !!! Call in a urgent meeting of all of our jonin friends.

Shikamaru: Lemme guess its for Sasuke's birthday isn't it?

Naruto: Bingo !! It is.

Shikamaru: Waht do you plan to do eh?

Naruto: Just call in everyone fast i will reveal my plan later.


Naruto: Ok Guys that was the plan.

Kiba: You think we can keep it a surprise from Sasuke?

Ino: Well he is a thousand times more intelligent than you Naruto.

Naruto: I have the perfect plan for it. There is a cave full of zetsus in land of lightning , i given orders not to destroy it , it has over a thousand zetsus

Sai: What are you driving at.

Naruto: I will send him on this mission till we make preparations. As the cave is surrounded by small villages sasuke wont be able to use his best jutsus hence it should

take him about 23-27 hrs to clear it.

Sakura: Hmm that is a good plan

Naruto: Ofcoz it is. By the way Shikamaru invite team taka , orochimaru and kabuto as well.

Shikamaru: Another one of your surprises ?

Naruto: You could say so.......

2 days before Sasuke's birthday.

Sasuke: Ok so to the north of land of lightning. Ok then I should get going now.

Naruto: Also don't forget that you cannot use high explosive jutsus there.

Sasuke: Do you think I am as dumb as you to use my best jutsus in a highly populated area. Huh?

Naruto: You........

After Sasuke's Deparure the plan of his birthday is made to go ahead in full force.

Naruto: Fast Fast Chop Chop !!!!! Or else we won't make it in time.

Other Ninjas: Hai Lord Hokage.

On the day of Sasuke's Birthday

Sasuke: (Oblivious of the fact that today's his birthday , goes ahead to his hokage office after returning from mission) Naruto? Oe Naruto? You here?

Shikamaru: He has gone to your house for some urgent meeting.

Sasuke: Urgent meeting at my house ? What the hell is goin on?

After reaching his house. As soon as Sasuke opens the door.

Everyone( all of sasuke"s childhood friends) : Happy Birthday Sasuke!!!!

Sasuke: (Reality strikes him) Oh so that mission was just coverup. *it i can't beleive i was tricked

Someone from behind: Well are you this foolish Sasuke?

Sasuke turns to see Itachi in his reanimated form

Itachi: Voila my brother

Sasuke: Wha... what are you doin here.

Itachi: Naruto here thought why not give you present you would remember always so, he made orochimaru reanimate me ,as simple as that.

Sarada: Also there are many more presents to go. (whisper to Sasuke: Btw Dad youre brother looks cooler than you)

Sasuke: I hate to admit it but this probably my best Birthday ever, thanks everyone.

After a while sasuke and itachi can be seen catching up on old times, while others drink,eat and party. The party goes on ahead till 4am in the morning with the kids asleep on the floor and almost all adults drunk and half asleep but still going on. The part overall was filled with happiness and some teary moments.


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