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[ Fanfiction ] 【2nd Anniversary】 A bonfire party Story


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It was an another day of the summer, Konoha village decided to make a bonfire party to spend some time with each other and prepared some mini-games to make the party even more fun

Breeze, Azure and Crimson were wating for midnight and scarlet, after 5 mins Scarlet arrived

Scarlet : Hey...sorry cause i am late

Azure (wispered) : thats okay

Breeze : Did you see midknight ?

Scarlet : He told me he might not come..

A sad emotions Looked on breeze face

Breeze (while ignoring her feelings ) : Lets go to the party we cant wait forever..

When The four friends did enter the camp they were impressed

Scarlet : Wow Konoha overtook itself this time!

Crimson : True! I see a huge ammount of food

Azure : It looks perfect!

The friends were having fun , when they hear someone coming

getting closer and closer and was...

Breeze (yelling) : Pain Tendo!

Scarlet : Oh no..

Azure : What do you want from us !

Crimson : Cant you akatsuki guys leave us alone for one night ???

Then behind Pain tendo Midknight show up

Breeze started Blushing and..said

Breeze : M..midnight ?

Scarlet : Midnight what are you doing with pain tendo ?

Pain Tendo : Dont worry i am not here to fight anyone

Scarlet : hat do you want then ?

Pain tendo : You know ? even akatsuki do parties... and i am here to ask for some Wood we ran out of wood..

And everyone started laughing

Then in a blink of an eye Midnight is face to face with Breeze and said

Midnight : Thanks for waiting me..

Breeze : No problem at all....

Midnight : I own you a dance !

Breeze (blushing) : Ye...yes you do....

And They had alot of fun.

Small things can be memorized For a long time And that party made their bonds even stronger

A story About An Another day of Konoha.

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