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[ Fanfiction ] 【2nd Anniversary】 Bonfire Party


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I hope this story can live up to your expectations. Have fun reading, cheers!

P.S. I added a picture of a MS Paint drawn bonfire cause I felt like there should at least be some sort of visualization here but I'm just not that much of an artist.

UID: 200000092624154

Server: HK S214 Substitution Jutsu

Character Name: Rumiko

The night was perfect for stargazing and Azure Fang was sitting alone on a log by the bonfire feeling gloomy because she did not have a dance partner for the biggest event of the year. It was on her mind since the beginning of the year to have the time of her life at the bonfire and maybe find a special someone to spend the night with.

On another side, Scarlet Blaze is looking for someone to dance with so he started to look around the crowd only to find Breeze Dancer and Crimson Fist standing by the snack stand talking instead of dancing and decided to head over and join them. “Aren’t you both going to dance?” asked Scarlet. “With what skills?” chuckled Crimson. “We both know how good of a dancer Breeze Dancer is. So why aren’t you dancing?” Scarlet asked Breeze. “Just didn’t feel like doing it today, also there’s no one to dance with me.”Breeze replied. “What do you mean there’s no one to dance with you? I’m right here, am I not? Let’s go dance right now! Come join us Crimson!” Scarlet said excitedly while pulling Breeze with him towards the dance floor.

The heavy beat of the music playing was pounding around the atmosphere keeping the party going on as the trio danced. “Have you guys seen Azure?” Crimson asked while swaying his body slightly which was what he knows as dancing. “You have to speak louder than that for the both of us to hear you Crimson.” Yelled Scarlet at Crimson. “I said have you guys seen Azure?” This time he raised his voice making sure they could hear him. “Oh, I think I saw her just now by the bonfire. She looks a little sad though. You guys know why?” Said Breeze worriedly. “I might know why.” Scarlet replied. “Why is it that you always know everything?” Snickered Crimson. “Don’t you know he’s only the most popular person in Konohagakure. He is literally friends with everyone.” Scarlet rolled his eye getting a little annoyed at the fact every time they mention how he’s the most popular person in the village. “Okay enough about me. We were talking about Azure remember?” Breeze nodded at Scarlet after he said that, signalling him to continue. “Azure have been waiting for this bonfire ever since that day when she saw Shikamaru and getting along with Temari. I would say she’s a bit hopeful for some romance. She’s only been talking about how excited she was when we were on a mission. But sadly nobody asked her to be their date.” Explained Scarlet. “Well then why didn’t you ask her when you know that’s what she’s been wishing for?” Crimson questioned while quirking his right eyebrow. “Well I mean she’s cute and all but I don’t want to give her the wrong impression. I’ve known her since we were kids I only think of her as a sister. What if she falls for my looks?” Breeze hits the back of Scarlet’s head after he said that then rolled her eyes.

Silence between the trio for a few seconds then Breeze spoke up. “I don’t think we need to worry about her anymore now.” Scarlet and Crimson looked at Breeze, questioning her on the statement that she have just made. Breeze looked over to Azure by the bonfire, using her eyes to signal the two of them to follow her vision. After looking at the sight they understood what she meant.

Going to an event that’s crowded is not exactly something Midnight Blade would do, he’s always been someone who misses events as such. If only he didn't lose that bet against Kiba about how Team 8 wouldn’t be able to finish their mission within two days. Midnight curses at himself while reminding himself about why he had to mention that he would be the last to leave the bonfire if he lost the bet. Everyone in Konohagakure knew how Midnight always keeps his words and he wasn’t about to back out on it just because he wants to go home. Midnight looked around his surroundings and notices it was starting to get crowded and decided to move away to a more quiet place. He also notices a few stares from a few of the girls while they giggled when he looked over at them, it was known fact that Midnight was good looking. Trying to avoid the attention, he maneuvered his way out and notices Azure sitting alone by the bonfire.

Midnight made his way towards Azure seeing she was looking out of sort, always the life of the party and she wasn’t acting like how she usually is.

Something was off.

“Are you okay?”

There was no reply, the blue haired girl had her mind somewhere else, not giving attention towards her surroundings just blindly staring at the fire burning in front of her. Midnight notices that and stretched his arm towards her and gave her a little push on the temple of her head. Azure lost her balance with that push and almost fell towards the ground. With quick reflexes, Midnight caught her before she completely falls off. Startled, Azure turned around to make eye contact with the person that have caught her only to meet with a pair of cold blue eye. After catching on the situation, Azure manage to position herself and slowly pushed Midnight’s arm away. “Thanks.” She thanked in a small voice. Midnight straighten his posture after seeing Azure regains her own.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you would fall when I pushed you.” Midnight apologises. A weak smile appeared on Azure’s dimly lit face. “No one got hurt. Don’t worry about it.” Tucking a fallen piece of her hair behind her right ear. Suddenly realising she’s talking to Midnight the person she least expects to be at the bonfire. “Midnight. It’s rare to see you at events like this why are you here?” Azure asked with a questioning look. Midnight sighs and took a deep breath knowing this question was to be asked sooner or later. “Let’s just say I’m bored.” Midnight replied refusing to reveal his defeat in the bet against Kiba.

“Midnight.” Azure called out. “Want to do something you won’t usually do? I mean since you, the great Midnight is already showing your face in a public event gracing us all with your presences, would you care to dance?”

“I don’t know how to dance.”

Hearing that reply, she knew he was not denying her request, which was a surprise knowing his personality he would be the first person in Konohagakure to walk away from it. Azure took the initiative and grabbed Midnight’s hand and made a beeline for the dance floor. He could see the people around them starting to look at them with curiosity.

When they reached the dance floor, Midnight had an urge to leave but when he saw Azure face with the biggest smile he have seen since just now, he couldn’t bare the thought of her feeling unlike herself again if he told her that he wanted to leave and that smile she had on her small face was pretty cute, he thought. Just for today, Midnight decided to let his misfortune be someone else’s happiness. While Azure’s dancing to the music, Midnight just stood still infront of her, she grabbed both of him hands and attempt to make him dance by swaying his arms but they only move like two pool noodles. “Come on, Midnight! Just step to the left and then to the right and move your arms a little. It’s not that hard.” Chirped Azure. Midnight cracked a smile on his poker face at her attempt but quickly wiped it off his face when noticed he was doing it unconsciously.

“Well, aren’t the two of you having fun?” Scarlet slowly creeped from behind of Midnight. Azure smiled widely at the trio that were standing behind Midnight. “Guys, I made The Great Midnight danced!” Feeling proud about the achievement that she have made. “I think that’s a task that only you can accomplish.” Crimson said while nudging Midnight in the ribs. Azure giggled at the comment. “Join us!” She added. Scarlet looks funnily at Azure. “Water girl, don’t tell me you forgot we have to be up early tomorrow for a mission? It’s already past eleven.” Her face suddenly dropped. “Is it that late already?” She said in disbelief. “I guess we better go back and get some rest then.”

“Midnight.” Breeze looked at him. “Our houses on this side and yours on that side, so naturally it's your duty to walk Azure home. Bye.” She then quickly pulled Scarlet and Crimson with a cheeky smile on her face.

Azure’s once again left alone with Midnight, she then turn around towards him. “I can walk myself home. I’m fully capable!” Showing slight sign of annoyance while saying that. “But thank you for today, I feel so much better now.” Giving Midnight a big cheshire smile. Midnight decides to ignore her statement. “Let’s go.” Eyes signalling her towards the way that they would walk home. “But…” Azure’s plea was cut short when Midnight just takes off leaving her no choice but to follow.

After a few minutes of silent walking the both of them have arrived at Azure’s place. She turned around when she reached the door of her place. “Midnight, thank you for walking me home and for dancing with me just now, I really appreciate it.” Adding a warm smile smile on her face. “Go on now. You need to go home too or else it’ll be really late. I’ll go in once you’re out of my sight.” Midnight was sure that Azure will not move even if he forced her inside the house and just went with it. “I’m going off then. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” With that he raised his right hand and gave a small wave as a sign of farewell and walked off. As Midnight’s tall figure slowly disappear from her sight, she made her way into her house.

At first she thought today might just have been the worst day of her life but instead it turned out to be one of the best day.


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