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[ Fanart ] 【2nd Anniversary】Ineffable Memory


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Hi guys, Shinku here!

Actually I was planning to made 4 pages of manga and drawing more slowly so the results is more nice, but many things happened and I working at week days so.... ouwh well, LOL.

I don't know if next weekend can have time to this so yeah I just YOLO. Sorry 'cause I made this today so fast and I know the results not really good, hehe...

But, I hope u guys still like it! ^^

Well, happy reading~

Azure, Breeze and Crimson had been standing there for almost an hour.

They’re thinking whether Scarlet and Midnight will be coming to the bonfire party or not, which is one of the biggest events in Konoha.

Bonfire party is a yearly event that will be held every summer.

When Azure’s mind began to drift, she heard the voice of someone she knew very well, greet them.

“Hi guys, sorry I’m late!”

A bit surprised, They turn their head. ‘Oh, it’s Scarlet.’

‘Wow, he looks so cool.’ Azure thought.

Crimson smiles while eating.

“Nah you’re not late, Scarlet.” Say Azure

“Let’s go then!”

“Wah, Breeze! You worked hard!” Scarlet say with a surprised looking at Breeze’s kimono.

Azure walking toward Scarlet. “But you know right….”

Psst, psst, psst, wa, wa

They’re whispered while looking at Breeze.

Scarlet nod. “Oh, I see….”

“What…!?” Breeze doesn’t know why but she’s feeling uncomfortable.

After walking through Konoha for 15 minutes, they’ve finally arrived at the bonfire party. There’s a big bonfire in the middle of the party. And around it are the booths that give away free foods for people who came to the party. Konoha held that as a thanks for all the villagers for gave their best.

“I want 100!” demands Crimson at a booth that gave takoyaki free.

“Wha- 100!? O-okay wait a min.” the girl who is a caretaker was a bit surprised with Crimson’s order.

“Scarlet, look, look, barbeque.” Azure approached Scarlet and bring a plate of barbeque.

“Wa!” Scarlet’s eyes is sparkled looking at the meat. ‘I want, I want!’ say Scarlet in his heart.

Breeze sighs

‘Ouwh well, I think he’s still don’t like a crowded events.’ Breeze though.

Slow but surely, Breeze closed her eyes while thinking about someone that she though wouldn’t come.

“There…” a baritone voice that she knew very well talking and she also felt something strange in her hair.

When she open both of her eyes, she’s blushing like a tomato.


Her friends who are not far from there can hear her shocked voice and turn their head towards them.

“I-I though you won’t come be-because…” she stammered because she feels very happy that Midnight came.

“Nah, I won’t skip an event with everyone, especially you…” say Midnight while smile thinly.

“Thanks!” Words really can’t expressed her feelings right now.

Finally the 5 of them are together at the bonfire party. That’s their bonfire party story this year. They’re all enjoying the festivities and the time they get to spend together with everyone. Maybe you guys think this kind of event is common. But, for those who are shinobi, this kind of togetherness is a rare.

“How about a horror story?” say Crimson while grinning widely.

“What!? No!” Azure straight out refused without even giving it a second thought .

‘Barbeque… barbeque…’ Scarlet’s still looking at the meat with his eyes sparkling. Poor him. Why he didn’t just asked the booth keeper that give it away for free. It’s still become a mystery.


Breeze only can squeeze at Midnight’s yukata because she’s scared with horror stories too.

Midnight feels it and glanced at Breeze. ’Is she scared?’ he though.

Glancing toward the villagers dancing around the bonfire, an idea came to Midnight to take Breeze’s mind of the horror stories.

“Can I have this dance?” Breeze heard Midnight’s voice but it didn’t register that he was talking to her until she saw him hold his hand out for her.

Still blushing brightly she managed to stammer out a reply. “S-sure.”

Midnight gently draws Breeze closer as he still holds her hand. His typical serious gaze stared deeply into her pair of sapphire.

Azure and Scarlet smiled as they watched the two walk off towards the dance floor. With a glance at each other, they nodded and headed off after them. Crimson just smiled and went back to eating his takoyaki. And all of our main character passing the night with joy.

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nice comic

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*... how did you draw that in just 1 day... So jelly :( but as always Shinku''s the most artistic in our group

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