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[ Fanfiction ] 2nd Anniversary


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Server: 77 Mabui

Name: IoniasBlade

Midnight Blade: *meditating*

Breeze Dancer: There he is, meditating again, *sigh* when will he ever know that it's our anniversary?? Scarlet, do you have any suggestions to get his attention?

Scarlet Blaze: You could try to ask him for a dance, I heard he's a very good dancer with women.

Azure Fang: Hmph! You could ask ME for a dance SCARLET! >:c

Scarlet Blaze: I was gonna ask but I was gonna make a fire to start the bonfire party.
Azure Fang: But where's Crimson?

Breeze Dancer: Yeah where is he?

Scarlet Blaze: I heard he's on a date with some girl from Hidden Cloud. Bet they're having a good time, but it's sad to not have him here.
Azure Fang: Yeah...

Breeze Dancer: Same here. But oh well! I bet he's having a great time there, so Scarlet, start up the fire!
Scarlet Blaze: You got IT! *Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu* There all done!

Azure Fang: SUGOI!!
Breeze Dancer: HEYY!! Blade!! Come over here and party with US!!

Midnight Blade: I need to Concentrate for a new SKILL!

Breeze Dancer: At our ANNIVERSARY??!!

Midnight Blade: Is it really our anniversary? It felt like it's been only 5 months..

Breeze Dancer: Well, it isn't, so come here and party with us!

Midnight Blade: No... Sorry.

*Breeze Dancer walks up to Blade and slowly kisses him on the cheek*
Breeze Dancer: There, is that what you wanted?
Midnight Blade: Do... You.. Want... to dance?

Breeze Dancer: R-really? I thought you'd never ask.

*M.B and B.D started dancing as Scarlet and Azure watch*

Azure Fang: Aww I wish we could dance together too

Scarlet Blaze: Yeah but I'm really bad at dancing.. T_T

Azure Fang: I can't dance either... T_T

Scarlet Blaze: Do you wanna just sit down and look at the fire while they dance?

Azure Fang: Sounds good to me, I would rather lay down for a while then dance. :3

*Azure slowly goes close to Scarlet*

Azure Fang: Hmmmm, so comfy

Scarlet Blaze: Is that what you wanted to do when from the beginning?

Azure Fang: Yup! ^_^

Scarlet Blaze: Welp, Happy Anniversary Azure.

Azure Fang: Happy Anniversary Sweety <3

Midnight Blade: Happy Anniversary Breeze.

Breeze Dancer: Same to you darling. *giggles*

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  • nice story and fanart!

Thank you!

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