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[ PVP ] Favorite St. Attack/Chase animation?


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I really like Pain [Tendo]'s St. Attack and Itachi [Anbu]'s Septuple Shuriken chase. They're so graceful and cooool. I also like the Water Whip animation for Water Main (and Mei) cuz it's business-like but with a bit of "Yeah, here you go" sass added to it. They don't have to spin to whip, but they do anyway. Oh and of course Toroi's Shuriken standard because it looks like he's dealing the fiercest hand of cards ever.

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my favourite standard would be itachi's totsuka blade maybe, just because of the damage xD chases i enjoy the minato jounin one, it's cool to see

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My fave Standard would probrably be Madara's, just the earth shattering sound is so satisfying, Kushimaru's is a close second tho.....its like this should tickle, but it doesn't.

Favourite chase is probarably angry Kushina's....only cuz i like the way she says nenja

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Mines is probally jonin minato's mystery

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I like regular Kushina's animations even though i dont use her. Something about smacking a person upside the head with a frying pan....

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  • HolotheWiseWolf On 2018-07-20 02:01:46
  • I like regular Kushina's animations even though i dont use her. Something about smacking a person upside the head with a frying pan....

^ this.

Also, i love madara 5 kage's chase 1 and Bee 7 swords' auto.

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Dosu's standard attack animation has him w*ing the opponents' face with the Melody Arm in an awkward uppercut.

It's even better when it causes High Float.

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I like Tobi's chase "Behind the Scenes" where he do the peace sign pose (^_^v) and when he gets defetead he runs like hell xD .. and not but not the lease, the chase summon of my Kirin .. wahahaha

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Minato Hokage Mystery is my favorite when it hits a Tagged unit.

Though I also really like Pakura's Mystery

And 3rd Raikage.

As for Standard, Sage Naruto :D

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Mystery - Mei, *s the kiss, Gengetsu *snipe*

Standard - Madara.

Chase - Edo Sarutobi. Gengetsu Pew pew

Death - Konan, when she said "Yahiko..." T_T

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Mystery: [Anbu]Kakashi, [Gate of Joy]Lee
Standard:Masked Man,[Gate of Joy]Guy,[Earth Grudge Fear]Kakuzu
Chase: [Edo Tensei]Hiruzen Suratobi,[Earth Grudge Fear]Kakuzu
Death: Konan,[Great Ninja War]Ino

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Nagato's mystery is beautiful, shame its non-prompt (tencent pls skillbreak him already)

Favourite chase is probably Kurostuchi Hydro Pump

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Standard - Ay 4th when attacks tagged ninja, using that for so long now :) also, i like Itachi Susanoo standard, so powerful :)
Chase - although i use only lightning main, i would say i like best both fire style chases of fire main :)
Mystery - Cursed Hidan mystery is cool, following that evil laugh but.... I think the best mystery is Kakashi (Make Out Paradise) - Thousand years of death

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