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Kage Super Rares.


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So, this isn't asking how many pulls they take to pull, before anyone thinks that.

There's been something I've been pondering for some time now, and I'm trying to collect some information on said thought.

What I wondering is if, after a certain point, the kage super rares are added permanently to the rare roster. There are a couple of things that support this.

It's common knowledge Kage supers take more seals then usual to pull them, but there have been a few unusual things regarding them.

A while back some people took far longer then the usual 700-1200 to pull a super, if they all pulled it, I know the person who made that topic did get them post 2k+.

But the thing that gets me curious is that a group mate free pulled Susasuke way before...probably even the 500 mark. (I think, and I'm pretty sure.)

So...what I'm looking for is information, from those who have recently pulled a kage super, when you got the super, when was the last time you pulled a rare? I don't know how exactly to look into this, but this has caught my attention and I'm trying to see if anyone else has recently pulled a kage super recently prior to the 600-700 seals, I don't know how to properly ask this...but I'm still going to ask it.

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  • First, i wanna say i don't have any idea about this topic since i'm still at my half-way journey on getting a Super Rare in Kage .. But i have an idea i wanna say to atleast start this conversation .. i read somewhere around here in forums, not sure if its about the Ninja Treasures or Summon Treasures but some says and a moderator says that, there's a possibility to get a Super Rare without using the Consensus Number of Scrolls in that treasure, people can get it earlier than the said amount while others gets the unlucky side and took almost hundreds more than the said number of scrolls before they got their Super Rares ..

I see..and if that's true, that would explain pretty much everything.


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