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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series 130


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Ninja test 130:

Light main:

Line up:


orochimaru in this line up is the one about three ninja war.





Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1: fu use his mystery to enemy onoki, remember not let this mystery irrupt by onoki’s attack. Orochimaru use his attack to make enemy mifune in combo and immobile by danzo.

Round 2: light main mystery to enemy mifune, and make great damage and immobile with combo. If enemy mifune is about to die, use orochimaru’s mystery to kill him.

Round 3: after enemy onoki’s mystery, orochimaru mystery to enemy onoki, fu mystery to kurotsuchi.

Round 4: if onoki have more life, then mystery him. If not, mystery kiba. Be sure to kill onoki this round.

Round 5: enemy kurotsuchi will mystery, then gather our mystery to one enemy to kill him or her. Do this one by one and finally beat this exam.

Wind main:

Line up:


Talent :




Summon mystery: anyone

Round 1: iruka use his mystery to irrupt kurotsuchi’s mystery, Naruto attack to make comb damage on mifune. After naruto’s passive of increasing 20 chakra, we find that in onoki, kiba and mifune, who is not blind by the wind main’s passive, fu mystery him.

Round 2: after onoki’s mystery, which is not such hurt, Naruto mystery mifune, and kill mifune this round. Wind main mystery to refresh, fu mystery to onoki.

Round 3: Naruto mystery to onoki, and kill kurotsuchi at the same time. After this kiba should be about to die or already dead. Iruka mystery to the enemy who is about to die. This round we should kill onoki and kurotsuchi.

Round 4: with attack and combo we can kill kiba this round, then its easy to beat.

Maybe this can help some of you. If soome one need some iedas about how to beat ninja exams before 121, please just tell me, and I'll try my best to get some information about that and write a new essay about that. thanks for reading these.

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