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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series 123


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Ninja exam 123:

Light main:

Line up:






Summon mystery: xiba

Round 1: danzo use his mystery to kimimaro, tanzo cannot be control or ignition, or try again

Round 2: mifune use mystery to enemy wind main to irrupt her mystery, kimimaro cannot die this tound.

Round 3: kimimaro use his mystery to enemy fire main:

Round 4: light main use mystery to fire main or wind main, this round enemy fire main should be dead.

Round 5: use all damage to kill enemy wind main before her use her mystery to fresh cool down. Then kill water main, the last kill earth main.

Wind main:

Line up:


This shikamaru is the one whose mystery can increase 60 chakra, the shape of him had been changed in Chinese version





Summon mystery: xiba

Round 1: the best situation is that the enemy fire main mystery our shikamaru and the clone of Naruto, our wind main success use her passive to blind enemy light main and fire main. Do not do anything.

Round 2: Naruto mystery to enemy wind main, enemy earth will mystery the one who has the least life. If after this none dead, shikamaru use his mystery to increase chakra (do this at the same time when you use naruto’s mystery.), and keep point on *on to make gaara mystery enemy water main, our wind main use mystery to refresh. At this time enemy light main will kill naruto’s clone and attack him once, enemy wind main summon a clone, enemy fire main’s attack make our wind main’s clone fell asleep.

Round 3: Naruto mystery enemy fire main, shikamaru increase chakra with mystery, gaara mystery enemy light main, then the last is easy.

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How much power is needed with wind main team and would regular gaara work instead?

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