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[ Ninja Exam ] God guo's ninja exam series, 121


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Seems now we have not an essay that includes all the ninja test, so now I start to make a series of articles about how to pass the ninja test with ninjas who is not such expensive or abnormal. These lines up and way of passing test is from some other players from China, maybe some of them cannot fit this version, but I believe most of these can be helpful. As the ninja test is kind of easy before 120, so this series of articles start from how to beat ninja test 121.

Light main:

Line up:






Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1: light main use his mystery, if you have enough power or get a critical you can kill itachi, with the chakra torune aburame c*e his mystery, too.

Round 2: guy use his mystery to tanzo, with the combo we can control tanzo this way. Iruka use his mystery to irrupt the tsunade’s mystery.

Round 3: keep attack, if someone’s mystery is refresh then use them to beat all the ninja one by one, not use these mysteries to beat several different enemies one time, but try to kill someone first and then next. Use tanzo’s mystery to save our ninjas life when they seem to be killed.

Wind main:

Line up:






Summon mystery: pakkun

Round 1: do not do anything and pray for Naruto not be damage by combo of enemies.

Round 2: Naruto use his mystery to beat tsunade, with combo we can control her this way. The enemy itachi will use his mystery to control our Naruto, after this wind main use her mystery to fresh the cool down time.

Round 3: Naruto use his mystery to beat torune aburame, with combo to control him. This round we’re willing to kill tsunade.

Round 4: gaara mystery to beat tanzo, combo to control him, this round torune aburame should be dead or almost dead.

Round 5: Naruto mystery to beat tanzo, after this all the enemy should be dead or almost dead, then you can beat this yourself.

The light main and wind main is the most popular two mains, so I only put categories for them. If someone need method of other mains you can tell me, if I saw that I’ll make a new essay about this.

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