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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 12th of July


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Dear Ninjas,

We would like to thank you all for your support! Below you can check this week's coming updates, which will be coming on 07/12/18! Please, have a look below to check the new events!

!!! New Ninja !!!

Yugito Nii [Edo Tensei]


Sasuke [Susano’o]

Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear]

Tobirama Senju [Edo Tensei]

1. "Daily Recharge Rebate" event added. Recharge everyday and reach a given amount to obtain rewards! New rewards wait for you to claim them! These rewards are refreshed daily, which means you need to claim it in the same day you complete it!!

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Servers that opened in the last 14 days will NOT participate in this event. Players must have reached Level 30 in order to participate.

2. "Fukurokumaru's Deals" added. Use Coupons and get rebates for doing so! Use both Coupons and Ingots to get fantastic rebates and purchase exclusive Gift Bags!

Period: July 12th - July 18th


a) Reach the given usage of both Coupons and Ingots to get free rewards and be eligible to buy specific gift bags and exclusive prices.

b) All Ingots used in ALL functions, systems, events and interfaces are accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

c) In what concerns the usage of Coupons, ONLY Coupons used in "Weekly Events" (Hot Topics), "Shop", "Mysterious Cave" and "Battle Armor" will be accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals". For example, Coupons used in "Eight Inner Gates", Offer Gifts purchased with Coupons in the Home system to offer to visiting Ninja, Coupons used to refresh the Black Market and Coupons used to revive Characters are not accountable for "Fukurokumaru's Deals".

3. "Colorful Balloons" added. The skill of using Shuriken is one of the most basic skills of ninja. Use your Shuriken to pop up balloons and get points! Rewards are waiting for you!

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 30 in order to participate.

How To:

a) During the event, players can get points by popping up the balloons with Shuriken. Complete Daily Missions to have a chance to obtain up to 3 Shuriken. You can obtain a maximum of 11 free Shuriken daily. Each time you spend 10 Ingots in the game, you will also get 1 Shuriken.

b) You can get 4 to 10 points randomly by popping the balloons with your Shuriken. Some balloons are hiding fireworks inside them, pop a balloon which has fireworks inside to obtain even more points.

c) There will be a maximum of 10 balloons displayed waiting to be popped up. After popping up every balloon available, new balloons will appear. Consume Shuriken*10 to use the "Boundless Shuriken" skill, it will pop up all the balloons displayed in the interface!

4. "Naruto's Froggy" added. Get an immediate rebate in Coupons after making a deposit! Claim other rewards every day for 6 days! A total of 7 days of fortune!

Period: July 12th - July 18th


a) During July 10th - July 18th, use ingots to make a deposit can get coupons rebate immediately and after the first day player can claim Item Packs during 7 days!

b) Players can make deposits into different Froggies! The higher ingots you deposit the higher rewards you can obtain.

c) If players don’t claim the rewards in time, they will expire!

5. "Sakura's Gift" added. Do you like Sakura? If you do, show how much you like her by helping out when she is most in trouble! Get Sakura to like you and she will offer you rewards!

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Players can find NPC Sakura in West Konoha or click on “Sakura” in the event’s interface to find her;

b) Sakura will give one task to players per day. Complete the given task and return to Sakura to obtain rewards from her – “Sakura’s Foodsack”;

c) Open “Sakura’s Foodsack” to get a random in backpack will random get Rice Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri or Panda Onigiri as gifts. Players also can buy Sakura’s Foodsack in Purchase-Limit Shop;

d) Send gifts (Onigiri) to Sakura in the event interface to increase your Friendliness. (Rice Onigiri: 1 Points; Salmon Onigiri: 3 Points; Panda Onigiri: 5 Points) Players c*e Friendliness to exchange for items/ninja in the event;

e) This event will reset at 5:00 AM. Complete your old task first in order to receive a new task from Sakura;

f) Reach Friendliness over 1.000 to enter the Ranking. The TOP 20 players will get extra awesome rewards! Rewards will be sent to the mailbox once the event is over.

6. "Lucky S natch" added. Want stronger ninja? Use Ingots or Coupons to draw them in the Lucky !

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 65 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Use Ingots or Coupons to Draw and have a try!

b) Every Draw is rewarded with a prize!

Besides having a chance at drawing amazing rewards from this event, fixed rewards will also be awarded to players who draw a given amount of times, check below:

Draw 50: Rainbow Magatama Lv. 5*1

Draw 100: Cave Key Gift Pack*1

Draw 200: Sasuke [Susano’o]’s Fragment*5

Draw 300: Sasuke [Susano’o]’s Fragment *15

Draw 500: Sasuke [Susano’o]’s Fragment *30

7. "Konoha Outlets" added. On Seal, Discount items in Konoha! Come and Participate in Konoha Outlets, gather Scratch Cards and redeem Ninja or Powerful Items!

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 40 in order to participate.

Details: “Konoha Outlets” event is divided into three tabs.


a) Each Store will be opening at the specific time. The detailed time will show up in the Discount Store Interface.

b) Every Store has the fixed closed time, once closing time reached, the specific Store will be closed that players cannot buy anything in this Store.

c) All Stores are on seal!


a) Consume the required amount of Coupons or Ingots in Konoha Outlets event to get Scratch Card.

b) Moving your mouse to scratch the card to get different Word Plates. The Word Plate you obtained can be used in Reward Center to redeem rewards.

c) Remark: If you don’t obtain the Word Card after scratching, please cle*l shadow region.


a) Different combinations of Word Plates will have different rewards.

b) Players can send Word Plate to your friends for 3 times per day. Remember that you can only send Word Plate to players who have been your friends for more than 3 days.

8. "Group Purchase" added. The more the Cross-Server Daily Purchases of each pack, the more the packs and rewards you can claim! Go and check the Group Purchase packs now!

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Players must have reached Level 11 in order to participate.

How To:

a) During the event, players can buy packs in the Group Purchase event. This is a Cross-Server event; the total number of purchases will take into account the total purchases of every server.

b) Each player can only buy each pack once a day during the event. The total number of Daily Purchases will be reset daily;

c) The more the Cross-Server Daily Purchases of each pack, the more the rebates for each pack will be!

d) If the rewards were not claimed on time for a given day of the event, the rewards will be sent to your mailbox.

e) Lucky Key Pack

Fixed drops:

- Cave Key*10

Randomly Drops:

- Coupons*10

- Seal Scroll*1

- Cave Key*1

Special Seals Pack

Fixed Drops:

- Seal Scroll*5

Randomly Drops:

- Kirin*1

- Lee[Eight Inner Gates]’s fragments*5

- Shikaku Nara’s fragments*5

- Ino [Great Ninja War]’s fragments*5

- Neji [Great Ninja War]’s fragments*5

- Tenten [Cheongsam]’s fragments*5

- Kakashi [Beheading Sword]’s fragments*5

Fortune Pack

Fixed Drops:

- Seal Scroll*5

- Summoning Scroll*5

- Treasured Tools Rare Essence*1

- Mount Myoboku’s Gift*10

Randomly Drops:

- Rainbow Magatama Lv.5*1

- Treasured Tools Common Essence*1

- Coupons*50

- Guy’s Tortoise Fragments*1

- Coins*50000

- Sasuke[Playboy]’s fragment(s) *30

- Sakura [Sailor Uniform]’s fragment(s)*30

- Roshi[Four-Tails Jinchuriki]’s fragment(s)*30

- Purificatio Rune*3

- Cave Key*3

- Mount Myoboku’s Gift*3

9. "Time Limited Charm Rebate" added. Want to be more powerful? Upgrade your Charms and get Points! Use those Points to exchange for rewards to fasten your Power enhancement!

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 60 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Obtain 1 Point for each time you use Charms materials.

b) Reach a given amount of Points to get the corresponding rewards during the event’s period.

10. "Activity Lucky Bag" added. Complete missions to receive rewards, awesome new items are awaiting!

Period: July 12th - July 18th

Requirements: Players must reach Level 6 in order to participate.

How To:

a) Click “View Details” in the right bottom of the interface to check the missions.

b) Complete the required missions to get activity points. Lucky bags can be opened with ac*ulative amounts of the points. You can open 25 bags per day in total, which will randomly drop these items: Coins, Refine Rune, Cultivation Rune, Magatama, Seal Scroll, Stamina potion etc.

11. New packs are available in the "Purchase Limit" shop interface! Have a look at the new packs, don't miss this chance.

12. Last, but not least, "Sakura's Foodsack" obtained for this week's events need to be spent this week, once the events end, the "Sakura's Foodsack" you didn't use will be reset to 0. Remember to use them in time!

Remark: The deadline of the New Server Events and Weekly Events are set according to the players' local time (computer's time), not the server time. Daily Missions and Daily Recharge event (event in which you can get a 4-Stars Gaara if recharging for 5 days) are all refreshed at 5:00 (server time). Don't miss out!

All information present in the game is the final and correct information.

Thank you for all your support to us,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Yeah, i'm just going to wait until next week.

EDIT: Sniped lol

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No deidara-edo tensei once again...

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next week then

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  • Regn On 2018-07-11 21:22:12
  • Yeah, i'm just going to wait until next week.

    EDIT: Sniped lol

same lmao

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Another week for saving

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Ahhh not too good and not too bad

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these events * ass

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  • he did it a aga On 2018-07-11 21:24:24
  • same lmao


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So no good event to spend coupons on so why we have the fuku deals...really bad week gotta say

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save save

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Dear god my coupons are dead thanks to edo hiruzen... Was hoping recover events not more expend-expend D:

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still no Tendo frags, when?

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oh this week is lame
but kinda expected this after last week updates , so now they will piss us again for 1-2 months till next update
i hope new shop,training,ninja exams
might leave soon at this rate like jiraya nd whitefang

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no god konan..

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So i guess we should be now grateful forever, cause of so many ninjas in short time, eh? So many ninjas + 2 new clothes, sure, tell us more it's not grab on cash...

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Can't say good or bad without seeing them in servers first .So hold off the negativity guys :P

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i hope its edo deidara on the fukurumaru deal reward :(

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