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[ Fanart ] ...and music to set your soul ablaze...


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Inspiration can come from various places- music is one of the most stimulating sources for it, when it comes to me.

Short story about this creation: I was working on next chapter of my fanfiction, with random music playing in background- - one of the melodies caught me especially at certain moment; enchanting sound of violin made me stop my work and search for more of this amazing artist~~ Lindsey Stirling.

I wandered through her songs- gosh they're all amazing! Video to "Shadows" left me with this image in my head, which I couldn't help but make it happen.

Why? From some weird reasons I can imagine him on her place, dancing with violin- this song for the way she look in it- but others, like "Elements" too. You gotta check on your own.

Give in to the music, let it set your soul ablaze~~

Cheers, luvs


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  • ⛧Akuma⛧ On 2018-07-11 01:14:51
  • C-c-c-c-can I turn it into Minimalist?

    I like it

The day I would say no to such request shall never come.

Sure you can, luv!

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  • AislingDragonfl On 2018-07-11 11:16:26
  • This is lovely <3

    Words can't express how much I love the idea of the mains playing instruments. What instruments would you say the other mains use? I can't imagine the Earth main playing anything but drums lol

hmm~~ Crimson is playing banjo with his summer outfit, yo! Let's stay with this

Breeze with harp or saxophone? Middy for piano or electric guitar- beside, I can easily imagine him and Scarlet as vocalists. Maybe 'cause I like their voices so much :P

And let's put Azure at drums, haha. #EqualRightsForTinyGirls!

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  • No Way Jose On 2018-07-15 13:51:42
  • omg Lindsey Sterling!!

    I love Elements and Song of the Caged Bird the best!!

    When I first saw Scarlet the first thing that popped into my head was Sherlock hehe

Her versions of "My immortal" and "Boulevard of broken dreams' tho, ahhhh...

On other hand- I see Midnighty and Scarlet and think of some ElectroSwing music for the ship

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