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Hello Ninja!

It’s tough out there in the shinobi world! A ninja can run into all sorts of problems, and for all the problems you can’t solve yourself, the Oasis Support Team is there to help. But even the greatest of sensory type ninja can struggle without a little extra info… So here are a few top tips to help us help you when submitting that support ticket!

Be Specific! (This is a big one)

Can’t find that item you swear you just bought? Missing a reward? Don’t worry; we’ll help you solve the problem! We do however require a little more than just the item or reward you are missing. Whenever submitting a ticket, be sure to provide the specific server time and date that the issue occurred. That way, we can get straight to the problem when checking your records, saving us a whole lot of Chakra searching through days of data!

Provide a screenshot (or multiple) when you can

So you just bought those 10 Seal Scrolls you’ve been waiting all week for, only to find your Coupons are gone but you don’t see any Seal Scrolls! Don’t panic, we can get to the bottom of it, but we’ll need a little help. It’s always best to take a screenshot or two illustrating the issue you’ve encountered. A picture of your backpack showing you don’t have the item you’re missing, or your monthly sign in page showing you’re missing that vital day you could have sworn you signed in on. We know you won’t be taking screenshots every time you click a *on, but when you think somethings gone wrong, try and get a few screens, they might just come in handy! Remember to always include the top bar showing your account name and server time, that way we know it’s you!

Security is key! Any Kage will tell you that!

You’ve worked hard creating the perfect shinobi team… So keep them safe! We strongly advise all ninja set security questions and a phone number in the user center, and avoid giving their account details to others, just to be safe! While we can help recover accounts, we require a lot of details, and we cannot compensate for items lost due to theft. Each Ninja is responsible for their own security.

Remembering these links might save you some time in the future!

Forgot your password? Maybe you’ve lost your account? Your go-to page should be the password reset page, where you can reset your password through a phone code or security questions, or apply for a password reset (you’ll need to provide us with all the necessary account details).

Can’t find a character? Try going to the payment page, where you can find a list of all your previous servers! Characters are NEVER deleted, so it’s got to be one of them!

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