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Elemental Resistance vs Hiruzen


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Hello fellow ninjas i am in big dilema :S hope to get some oppinions to decide what to do next...
I run Wind,Gaara(books), Kisame shark, Angel konan
I am rank 6 my server not much away form others
in war with my teammates we can probably survive hiruzens with sheilds from gaara(our server)
But my dilema starts after that, vs others in cross war, sage world,bonds,matsuri...
I could spar some stornger palyers before, now people 30+k 1 shot me..... :(
I dont have any elemental resistance, and my ninja tools weer OLD i never fix them
I was onyl trowing gold stats on them. Here are they now:

Now dont know what to do, some say, keep it, soem say destroy all this keep only critical and injury and max out elemental resistance with those +2%
but if i do that will it do much difference vs stornger people with hiruzens, and what woudl happend vs normal teams like so far...
Besides all that new KAGE Ti that need to come i dont know will they have those elemental resistance... and wich of tools will come ? (i dont want to buff my exampla mask if in 1-2 month i will put new one there...)
So what do you think?

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be prepared to lose a lot of power if you want to go elemental + damage reduction route.

If I were you, focus on these 3 elements for now. FIRE, WIND, LIGHTNING. then make sure to add DAMAGE REDUCTION on all of your tools.

After that, it's up to you if you want to go full elemental resistance.

If you don't want to lose power, Use earth main with defense knowledge along with Minato Hokage.

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see that for dmg reductions,youll lose alot of power if youll decide to replace those stats for elemental resistances youll lose alot of power,and if you decide so make sure you put fire,earth first,since they counter your ninjas kage TI we get tools with better elem resis too i think,+3 and +4 but not sure

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To remove all the nin and tai *ions and to replace them with +2resistances because nin/tai pen right now do not work and when they will work we will have kage ti that grants them again.

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