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[ Events ] clothes in shop


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i always wonder why they say this when isn't in shop :\


sadly we it's not there " Yet "


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we haven't got the shop update yet. And I have no clue when since updates are bit random.

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I'm suggesting that too and hope they will put it in the shop and the Kimono, Summer youth sai too

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Yeah I have like three different costumes at 27-32 each and I can't complete them because they keep releasing new costumes in the events. We should have gotten the shop update by now. The old costumes like wild west and summer school are supposed to be free by now. Almost every single update in this game has been Incomplete in some form. When they do update something it's always missing some key features that are released months after the update goes live.

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Hi! It means that it is possible to obtain it in the shop in the future. The update hasn't come yet but we will definitely give an announcement when it does.

I will send your feedback, I also recommend to head over to Suggestion Thread to send in your suggestions, found here.


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