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Blessed by the Ninja God by 3 times


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  • Tiami On 2018-07-08 17:11:34
  • Something like this should be fine~~ (send by a friend, long time ago, from other game I think- modified it a bit )

    Oh RNGesus, who art in the cloud.

    Hallowed by thy dice.

    Thy fortune come,

    Thy rolls be done,

    On earth as it is in the forums.

    Give us this day our finest drops

    And forgive us our greed

    as we forgive those gettings rares they already have

    And lead us not into cheating,

    but deliver us from glitches.

    For thine is the love ,

    and the power,

    and the glory,

    Until the patch comes out


I'll definitely try this next time lucky dice or lucky stars come to Germany lol

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