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[ Lineup ] best possible lineup


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What is the best possible lineup i can do rn? server has only been open for weeks i think so still dont have acces to kage/gnw or the treasures


this is the team im currently running. Im level 55 . amd have, tiger, pakun,snake, ton ton. as summons


these are my ninjas. can someone make me the best possible lineup i can make?

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  • Staine On 2018-07-06 05:34:53
  • Probably:

    Sasuke Iruka LM

    - - Hinata

    - - -


    first row - Chidori Blade

    second row - Beam of Light or Calm Mind, depending on if you want to try your main starting a combo with standard attack or calm mind for 20 extra chakra to get off Sasuke barrier first round in addition to Hinata defense (not sure if you can have calm mind yet at your level though, so might wanna go for Beam of Light).

    third row - Lightning Sword

    fourth row - your choice

    fifth row - Root of Warrior

    Summon: Shark

    Generally Hinata mystery first round, main mystery second round for full team paralysis + good dmg and combo. If you can get Calm Mind, Hinata mystery first round + put up Sasuke barrier shortly before it's his turn (if enemy team has an interrupter it's good to wait until it's almost Sasuke's turn so there's less of a chance to get interrupted).

    Then Chidori blade second round with added dmg from barrier.

thanks il ltry it out

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