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[ Suggestions ] Decisive Bonds Is The Worst Event In The Game


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  • Zelos-sama On 2018-06-21 04:25:35
  • Is it just me that remembers being able to retreat? I'm certain when it first opened on my server we could retreat, then that option just disappeared....

It seems to appear more or less randomly when you fight a lot stronger teams or when the fight drags out to late rounds. Pretty much every 10-80k team I face always can instantly retreat. Same thing goes for me when I encounter 200k opponent.

Tbh Im farming 2 more gengetsu frags to upgrade the stars and im done with that event too, unless I need a stamina potion for some reason. On a sidenote those frags add up, ever since implementation I've got over 60 combined frags of roshi, gengetsu and han, which is quite nice for freebies.

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