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[ Suggestions ] Decisive Bonds Is The Worst Event In The Game


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Don't stress yourself too much over Bond.

The prizes ain't that great, well they're still useful.

It's an event merely to ask for real power fights.

Either you get 1 shot or them.

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  • RenjiAsuka On 2018-06-23 12:11:18
  • All the problems with Decisive Bonds can be fixed if it was just like Arena.

I personally think that would be much much worse than it is.

Some ninjas have better dmg stats in arena such as Angel Konan, she currently shines so well in everywhere.

When she's fully buffed, she can single-handed damage 4/5 of total HP in 1 round.

Thus we will have team arena in later. Therefore it's no point to fix Decisive Bond to make similar to Arena. :P

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